Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Return, Regroup, Recharge

I realized the other day that I have been back in Niagara Falls for 6 weeks now. What is the number one thing that I have done since I have been back? That's easy, sleep. I can not believe how much but then again I don't care. This house is warm, the night air is crisp and clean and it is incredibly quite. There are no barking dogs, no roosters, no honking of horns or car alarms at all hours of the night. I think my old body just refuses to wake up from the cocoon of the comfort of a real western bed. What ever the reason...I am over it! I needed to get moving.

Right now I am pathetically watching the Survivor 37 final, reason enough to say it is time to get back on the road. 😀 The fact I just added an emoji to this post is another! On the home front it was time to prepare my house for the arrival of my sister Kelly. She lost her job about 2 months ago. A good corporate gal who was dedicated to her job and doing it well. She climbed the latter and was moving along her career path and then "oops, sorry". "Thanks for your time but your being let go", and she was walked out the door. Not an original story. NOTE to everyone out there. The Corporate world does not give a shit about you. If you needed a reminder, that is exactly what happened to me. Thanks for all your hard work but you are now redundant. Anyways, she sold her house and has moved back to the Falls to regroup.

So, the house needed a re org. I painted 9 rooms, 2 floors and built 4 walls. I installed 2 rooms with baseboards with the help of my nephew Nick. The garaged needed to be cleaned and sorted and all the compiled junk finally tossed. The basement also needed to be sorted, cleaned and yes, more junk tossed out. Small things needed to be fixed and curtain rods and curtains hung. The large yard needed to have all the leaves raked (8 bags) and finally Kelly had to be moved in.

To anyone out there thinking of a career path, get into the trades. Electrician, plumber, builder drywall, whatever. The guy that helps me with the house with things I can not do well (plumbing, electrical) is skilled and busy as a general handyman. Toss in yard word such a moving, raking and general maintenance and you have a huge career path trajectory. Stop coding or trying to be a Facebook influencer. Stop complaining there is no work. There is a shit load of work, you just need to be ready to actually WORK!

There have been too many chicken wings, pizzas and assorted gluttonous experiences. There has been drinks with friends, a bit of Christmas shopping (not finished yet) and dinners with Mom. I have been getting a bit of exercise but not as much as normal and I feel it.  HOWEVER, the other thing I am doing right now (during Survivor commercial breaks) is reading and signing my new teaching contract.

It's back to Asia I go. I am heading to the poorest country in Asia and the 8th most populous in the world. A moderate Muslim country that is subject to cyclones and the worlds worst traffic  but has a complete ban on plastic bags, incredible friendly locals and I can get breakfast for 50 cents. It was an opportunity I passed on in September but has presented itself again. So Bangladesh here I come.

I must be out of my mind...thankfully.