Friday, November 8, 2013

A Railroad Engineer, An Oil Worker and A Doctor walk into a bar....

Wait, where is the doctor? Ron Barron is sitting in Cleveland waiting for his orders to move to Ottawa and take of a medical practice there. What a loser!!

But what a great surprise to get a text from my old friend Steve Penygie. He was in town for the day and I needed to get to the pub at the Quality Inn for a pint!. Steve, like so many of us came West from Ontario 3 years ago to find work. He landed a job with the railroads and after a good run he was ready to go home. "We are not 25 year old kids anymore are we Ken". The old Sensi is a wise one. It gave me a good vibe because I have no intention of staying out here for even 5 years so its nice to see someone else not get sucked into the lifestyle and stay the course. Bama and I have a plan and that plan is what keeps me going.

Well during our days in Collingwood as ski bums and bartenders and there was never a pint to be refused. The good Dr. Barron was not far behind when he was not leading the pack. The Blue Mountain years were good years.

Bama now keeps both my feet an my heart warm.

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