Monday, February 8, 2016


Either I will find a way, or make one
 -- Hannibal The Conqueror

As of today I have 33 more days left in Leon depending on what I choose as my last day at QT. School ends on March 5th and my visa expires on March 22nd. Somewhere in there I have to do a border run, either Belize or Costa Rica. Belize makes the most sense as I am heading North to Mexico however Costa Rica would put me in southern Nicaragua and allow me to travel to all the places I have not yet been.  San Jorge / Rivas, Ometepe with Conception, Jiquilillo Ranch Esperanza, El Coyotepe Fortress in Masaya, El Castillo, San Juan River, Sumoto canyon, Corn Island, Stone Carving Hermit in Esteli and San Juan Del Sur to name a few.

I could cross into El Salvador  and take in San Miguel and back to Suchitoto to travel the guerrilla paths by horseback. Guatemala has Lago Attilan, Tikal and El Mirador in the North. Then the push into Mexico. Cuba and Belize plus the Mexican Yucatan can wait until after my contract finishes on August 13th. Bolivia may be calling with Condor Trekkers and teaching opportunities but one step at at time

Sometimes a guide just needs a cold beer while sitting near a live Volcanic Crater

Why talk off all these possible options that I have in about a month. NONE of them would have been possible if I did not decided to take a leap of faith and have the life I wanted. Not keep going through the safe routine of the life that I had. You can use all the cliche phrases you want but doors literally open when you choose to change.

I remember standing on a glacier in Neko Harbour, Antarctica in 2011 looking down at the world around me thinking, "if you can stand on a glacier watching whales in Antarctica you literally can do anything you want". That was my "ah ha" moment and nobody or nothing can ever take that away from me. Now I find myself teaching and guiding in Nicaragua, looking to start a new job in Mexico and planning my next move after that to Bolivia. I am certainly not getting rich or padding my retirement account. I do find myself sipping on a cold beer under the watchful eye of a live volcano and knowing that working an extra 15 or 20 years so "be sure" I have enough money to live comfortable in my old age does not even come into the equation.

In front and below the El Hoyo Hole

Either I will find a way, or make one. Hannibal knew what he was talking about. Although he was a bit more ambitious than me He, being a General of the Carthaginian army in the Second and Third Century BC with a goal of world domination and the defeat of the Roman Empire. Hannibal was known for leading the Carthaginian army and a team of elephants across southern Europe and the Alps Mountains against Rome in the Second Punic War and occupied much of Italy for 15 years. 
I just want to be a Tour Guide and teach English (for now) and travel the world, but I feel you Hannibal. Whatever you want, make it happen! Doors will open, or in your case your elephants will kick them down.

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Caitlyn Tran said...

You look great Ken. Keep going!