Monday, April 25, 2016

Palenque - Epic Fail

It all started with a shuttle that arrived at 4:30 am instead of the scheduled 5:00 and the driver being upset I was not ready. Halfway to Palenque I threw up that Subway sandwich and everything else in my stomach. I showed him. That is how my trip to Palenque started and it went down hill after that.

Palenque was a top priority for me. An important and impressive Mayan Ruins site and I was excited to get there. The town itself wasn't much but there was a three block touristy area that was nice to wander around.

Well back to the trip. Its was scheduled for about 10 hours with stops for breakfast and to view a new natural sites. A waterfalls that is always a hit and agua azul. Deep blue pools a poor mans Semac Champay if you will. At the breakfast stop I grabbed a coffee and the thought of food made meg gag. That should have been the first hint. An hour later we were cruising along looking at the mountains and valleys and I suddenly and without any know reason realize I am going to be sick. I am about to be that guy. I tell the driver and as we are on a winding mountain road he can not stop. Another 25 minutes he says. Nope another 2 minutes I reply. Remember this is in Spanish and I know the errors as I am saying them but he and everyone else understood.

Suddenly my first angel appeared. "Bolsa?" I was asked as she gave me a plastic bag. I hunkered down against the side door for the inevitable and it arrived in a fury. To my astonishment there were no moans or eeeewes but concern and help. Quick offers of water,stomach medicine and the greatest Chiclets I have ever tasted. The driver found a place to pull over and I got rid of the evidence cleaned up and off we went. OK I thought that was weird but I feel better...but did I?

First stop were the blue pools and I was exhausted. I could not climb any steps and figured back to the truck I go. Waterfalls, same scenario. The couple that offered me the bag were checking on my and made me put some pills they had in my pack. They were over the counter but I forget the name. Fast forward and we arrive In Palenque. I jump out as they were heading to the ruins on a day trip. I was heading to my hotel and to bed. I actually received 6 hugs from complete strangers and was told to get rest. Sometimes the kindness in people just shines brightly.

I hit my bed at 3:30 pm and slept until 8:00 am the next day. I have been down this road before many years ago. I was blessed with food poisoning and it was not going to be pleasant. Long story no gore. I had no appetite and no food for 3 days but kept drinking water and Gatorade because of dehydration. Cultures around the world practise 3 day,5 day and longer fasts. I have lots of mass and was not about to waste away after a few days with no food. Plus I did not want any.

Well I wake up feeling as crappy as you can imagine so instead of the rest I need my brain says " get out and get some air and exercise". There is a reason I have never qualified for MENSA. So off I went looking for the collectivo to the ruins. As Murphy's law was running along side me I did not jump into one of the many newer models, nope not this genius. I creaked open the side door of a van well past its rusting and shaking prime. Murphy you suck.

The site entrance is filled with vendors selling trinkets and trash, food and drinks and offers of personal guided tours from dirty kids to professional guides  people just trying to make a living. I passed on everything and suddenly there I was, standing in front of the Ruins of Palenque. The excited skip in my step disappeared the second I tried climbing. That was not going to happen this day. I never got beyond the third step and I had to sit down. These ruins were going to he enjoyed and viewed from ground level and ground level only. They were everything I knew they would he. You can check out various web links if you want to learn more. I could never do it any justice because my head was not really in the game.

After 3 hours it was back to to hotel and back to bed where I basically stayed for the next 3 days. The kind lady at the desk knew I was sick and would check on me from time to time, Angel # 2. Murphy reared his ugly head again when I plugged in my laptop and suddenly the charger was not working. It is a Rocketfish product which was an expensive purchase when the power cord that came with my laptop failed. Old power cord lasted 3 years, new power cord gave me 10 months. Why are consumer electronics such crap. Regardless I can find another. I then received an email from telling me that my taxes for 2014 have been reassessed and I owed the Canadian Government money. Third reassessment since September. As previously stated. Murphy you suck.

Moral of this epic fail. When kids try and sell you Chiclets, buy them. You never know.

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