Sunday, August 21, 2016

That Was A Whirlwind

The universe is in balance...always
My return trip to Tehucan is a precise example of why there is balance in the universe. As my trip from Mexico to Niagara Falls was flawless in every way possible, well with the exception of the long self induced wait at the Mexico City Airport, it was only logical the return trip would not be "quite as smooth" so to speak. Missed flights, long waits, no sleep but I made it back in one piece. At 11 am I found myself sitting in the Zocolo with a hot cup of coffee watching the Mexican day unfold right before me. I was indeed back.

But first up the whirlwind beer swilling tour that was my week in Niagara Falls, photos not available!  In no specific order it was, Jakes Chip Wagon, Grand Central, Clancys, Dunn Street GrillIvans, Doc Magilligans, and The Bull Market. There were pizzas, wings, steak subs, hamagoop, and lots of Tim Hortons. Visits with Meema, Winnie, Lynne, Marina and Maycee, Nick and Kate, Melissa and Arron, Kim, Paul and Leo, Ken, Ruth, Seguin, Vanstone and Reggie, Ken Semenack, Sue and Clarence, Joe and Rose, plus the many friendly familiar faces I met when I was out and about.

There was also the sudden and shocking death of an old friend that reminded me of how fragile and short our time really is. Someone said "it's pretty scary". I do not think they understood the power of those words as they spurted them out without really thinking about it. Everyone was very sad on FB and then posted pictures of various life events right after. Could you at least wait 24 hours after you express how sad you are before you post something inane. Oh, but you express remorse and the world saw it, good for you.

I missed the final Tragically Hip concert because I was in transit back but thanks to the wonderful world of torrents I have it in my grubby little mitts. Yes "Canada was Closed" on Saturday for the final national broadcast of the their final concert. Even the BBC wrote about it.  For those who do not know Gord Downie, announced in May that he had terminal brain cancer and the band headed out on a real "farewell tour". The Tragically Hip is as much about Canada as hockey is, and that is a strong statement. Yet another reminder to stop screwing around and embrace this life for fuck sake! Stop worrying about the god damn bills, they will get paid.

A massive thank you to Gord Downie, Gord Sinclair, Paul Langois, Rob Baker, Johnny Fay and Davis Manning. You are now and will always be...Tragically Hip.

“No dress rehearsal, this is our life.”  -- Ahead by a Century,

Finally I took this from my nephew Ryan's Facebook page who clearly nails the Canadian sentiment.
"Every cottage you've ever gone to. Every campfire you've ever sat around. Every road trip you've ever embarked on. Every basement you've ever sat in. Every time you ever picked up a guitar for an impromptu jam session with your buddies. Every time you may have had a few too many beers, and decided that smoking a joint would be a good idea. Every time that you tried to find a playlist that everybody could enjoy. Every time you wanted to get nostalgic. Any time you wanted to feel something. The Hip was there. What an incredible last show, as we bid our likely last farewell to Canadian icons."

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