Sunday, October 16, 2016

Random Happenings

I told myself  "Self, you are going to climb Cerro Colorado 5 times before you leave Tehuacan" and with that began my second trip up the historic trail. I needed a hike, better yet some time in a natural environment where I can get a big warm hug from Mother Nature. We had a small but energetic group heading out with myself, Lucy, Dan, Ashlynn and Jess up and at it by 8:00 am.

Dan, Lucy and her great hat, Ashlynn and Jess with some new mountain friends

I had a feel for the trail as we had climbed Cerro Colorado about a month ago. I did remember it starting as a nice walking trail but as you progressed it became rocky, steep in sections and strewn with rocks of all shapes and sizes, an ankles worst nightmare. The hike was uneventful except for the fact that the hike itself was an event. We were greeted by a huge herd of goats being tended to by a few local farmers and oddly there were various groups of people along the trail. It created nice short conversations and smiles with that "knowing feeling" of connections along the trail.

Oktoberfest at an Irish Pub in Mexico, that's how we roll here in the land of sun and mescal and the night did not disappoint. McCarthys has become a bit of a staple next to our primary watering hole, Cervezo.  Keane, Lucy, Dan, Eric and Ashlynn. There were a few students at the bar which always means free beer and looks of confusion because the teacher is actually in a bar drinking beer.
As the night progressed and the sillier we got the more entertained the wait staff became. Suddenly it was free mescal, beer chugging and Habenaro pepper sauce challenges which put all of us over the top for the cab rides home. The only thing "Oktoberfest" about the night were a few waiters in Lederhosen. Think about that for a second, Mexicans in Lederhosen in a bar whose catch phrase is  "Touch Yourself". I am not sure that they understand the translation of their catch phrase. Naturally the more we drank the more literal we took it. We thought all it was funny.

Then there was  Lucha Libre in all it's ridiculous hilarious and insane glory. Now I am no expert when it comes to any type of wrestling. There is the "fake" wresting of the WWE or whatever it is called but those guys move, are skilled and get hurt and too many have died before the age of 40. It is only fake in it's story lines and over the top characters. Lucha Libre is just so ludicrous you could not help but get "into it" and enjoy yourself. They have a standard routine of chairs, fighting in the audience, high flying antics and crazy costumes and the crowd went wild, myself included.  
I was to understand that we were watching the "training athletes" and to watch real Lucha Libre I needed to go to Mexico City. Challenge accepted.

Next up was dental Work at the Clinica Real Dental. I had a front filling without any freezing that took 30 minutes and cost 400 pesos. The next day I returned to have my teeth cleaned for the same $400 pesos. Total equals about $55 Canadian. The office although tiny was clean, modern and both the dentist and assistant were professional, careful and skilled. At least there were diplomas on the wall that look real. Seriously, toss any fears you have about getting dental work in Mexico right out the window. I will take a few photos as I have a FREE follow up tomorrow just to check out that all is good.

Toss in Cuban Dominos at Mattew Poy's house with home made chili, too many teachers and too much alcohol followed up by a city wide cultural festival with great food and interesting music options and the last couple of weeks have been anything but boring.

We are less than 60 days to go in this semester and this week is mid term exams. Like usual time is flying by. I will have spent 8 month in Mexico when it is all said and done. This is a great country with fantastic people and as much as I think Nicaragua will be my future permanent home I now suspect it will be Mexico. Whoda thunk!

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