Tuesday, November 28, 2017

I Like The Word Holistic

I will center my thoughts today around 2 outstanding and insightful quotes. One from the inspiring stud that is Daryl Davis and the other by the intelligently supercharged Neil deGrasse Tyson
1. "We are living in space age times with stone age minds". - Daryl Davis
2 "One of the great challenges in life is knowing enough to think your right but not enough to know your wrong -- Neil deGrasse Tyson

I used to spend quite a bit of time online as it was how I made a career and decent living. Being online was exciting. I would spend hours reading news sites, wasting time on YouTube and Facebook, pursuing all available sports sites and during it's heyday chatting for hours on MSM Messenger. There was also hours of research, development and general interest which was fantastic. The good, the bad and the ugly so to speak.

I have to be as honest as I can here. I still go online but now I limit my time to one hour for non work related things. I actually use the timer on my phone. I am no better or worse than you and this is just my personal choice. The web, internet, interweb or whatever we will call it bores me to death. It is a long, slow lingering painful death. Evolved or devolved is a matter of personal perspective.

Recently I had a day off without any plans. The air quality here in China was a bad on this day so I figured a day of videos, music and maybe some reading was in order plus maybe even an afternoon nap, good times!. A real day of rest so off I went.

First it was Youtube. Trevor Noah, Bill Mahar and Stephen Colbert with John Oliver on Hiatus. Joe Rogan has some great guests and lively insights that are always great viewing. Keith Olbermann had his final commentary about the state of American Politics from the GQ channel.  I watched some movie trailers, a few music videos and finally some travel videos about Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. Epic fails, Darwin nominees and wild animal fights always entertain me.

Next up was sports. NHL, TSN, Sportsnet, Hockeybuzz, The Score, NFL and CBS Sports for my fill on American college football and basketball. Then the world news from various sites including my former local paper.

Finally down the rabbit hole I went. Facebook and Instagram which I can get here in China using a vpn. I use Psiphon which is free, Canadian and fast. I decided to click on various stories that people were posting and see where it would lead me after skipping past pics of food, animals and emotion/spiritual and motivational meme's. What an absolute shit show.  Here is what I have decided about the web and basically society at large.

Let me stress, I could not imaging a world with out the web. Travel, jobs, communication and yes entertainment.

Here are the results of my trip on the Webbernet
- I am tired of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Wechat, and every other anti-social media that the masses devour  on a daily basis.
- Biased opinion
- The endless cycle of hate, self preservation, self promotion and self aggrandizing.
- Religion. You must believe in my all loving, all caring god..or I will kill you
- Polluted water, polluted air, polluted soil and polluted attitudes
- Plastic oceans
- The stealing and selling of water and the obsession with bottled water
- People who continue to believe politicians and then get upset when that elected official lies
- Signing an online petition and calling yourself a radical activist
- The need for "shaming" about anything and everything
- Lying and the accepting of lying to avoid standing up for something and thus avoiding confrontation
- The constant screaming matches that is now regarded as the News
- Racism, ageism, sexism, feminism, religious zealots, homophobia, prejudice
- The phrase "I am not a racist because...
- Being offended by everything. Just because your offended does not mean I am wrong.
- Zombies staring at their mobile device.
- Texting and driving, drinking and driving
- Young adults constantly feeling threatened because they don't agree or can not process something
- People posting emotional, spiritual or motivational quotes and not living by those quotes
- Stupid being accepted as smart and smart being frowned upon as elitist
- I don't need it but want it now!
- IPhone, Ipad, Ipod, I, I, I, I...
- Justified war, war economies, invading countries to protect freedom
- Corruption and greed at every level of human activity
- Global starvation and food waste because the food is not cosmetically attractive for purchase
- Poverty being considered criminal and the war on poor people
- Mental health being used as a manipulative weapon.
- Sexual assault being used a destructive weapon.
- Reverse racism being used for agenda advancement.
- Advertising, marketing and consumerism
- No accountability for your actions.

I think my breaking point was a video from a person who had just purchased the new IPhone X during the obscenity that is Black Friday. In the video he was ranting against western consumerism and how it was destroying society.💣💣

Seriously. I love watching videos of animals and epic fails. I also like to see what is going on with other people's lives with the things that they choose to share, I really do. However the previous rant spewed out in about 10 minutes. After I read it I thought to myself, "self" the web actually controls your emotions, holy shit! How about you, does the web take over our emotions at times?

Let me point out, I honestly have...trying to learn to have, a holistic view of the world. I have experienced great kindness on this journey. I also read fantastic stories about people doing exceptional things for the betterment of the world (holistic). I wonder "how did we get to this point (pollution) and  I get confused why those incredible people and stories are usually just a footnote in a news report.

I did not want to be a ranting fool, but I had my own epic fail. I don't think you can not always write about the good things because that's easy. It is writing about difficult thoughts or events this are difficult, and I am still learning.

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