Monday, April 16, 2018

Buyers Remorse?

Don't lose focus on your where you are, where you want to be and what you want to do.
The desire for money will slow you down. It will make you cautious and unhappy. There will never be enough for all stuff you will always to the urge to buy. The money you need will come.
-- Ken Weiss 

Have you ever made a decision for all the wrong reasons? A decision that you thought was right but over time realized it was for all the wrong reasons? I have just blindly wandered down that road. Convincing myself to stay in China for an extended period of time was the safe, easy and wrong thing to do. I told myself that I wanted to learn the language (which I will continue to do), visit many other places in the country and really immerse myself in the culture. These were all great reasons to stick around. However after some reflection and thought, I realized that I am not ready to stay in one place for 2 more years, regardless of how much I try to convince myself. I will find a place to stop and breathe but not here, not this place, not now.

I will be meeting up with my old pal Caitlyn Tran who has recently quit her job to get back out into the world. I believe she wants to get back into the Cruise Ship World which is an excellent option. We are going to trek to the Everest Base Camp with Gadventures from April 1 to April 15th. I am not a huge fan of organized tours but this is Everest and the logistics are just a bit much. After Everest we were going to trek the Annapurna Trail but Everest Base Camp kicked out butts hard. The decision not to hike 3 days after EBC was easy and eagerly supported by our fellow trekkers.'s off to India earlier than expected and for longer than anticipated.

Flying into Delhi, India will be sheer madness after the long serenity of Nepal. The initial plan is to arrange a tour of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra for a couple of weeks. Once I visit the Taj Mahal I will have one  of the "7 Man Made Wonders" left to visit, Christ the Redeemer in Brazil so Rio, you are now on my radar. Our plans and time line have been a bit fluid so we have decided to hit splendor of Angkor Wat and Cambodia for a few weeks then finally crossing into South Vietnam where she will catch a flight back to Canada on June 6th. I will continue through Vietnam and maybe Lao and Thailand. There is a new job waiting for me in September and it is as random a place as I could have chosen to go. More on that later.

 "Make a decision. If it is not the right one, make another. You don't owe anyone and explanation" . I can not count the number of times I have I said that.  Now I need to live by my own words dammit. They were recently recited back to me by someone who arguably understands me more that anyone else on the planet....sorry for you luck mystery person. You know who you are.😎. 

I agree with Beau Taplin that you "need to slow down and look around to renew your heart." China it turns out is not that place for me, as much as I tried to force myself into believe it was. With that I a off. Thank you China, you have opened my eyes to yet another part of the world. You are beautiful yet polluted, historic yet modern, open yet closed, happy yet sad by all accounts childlike in your ability to be distracted by bright lights and carnival sounds.

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This cathartic post has been brought to you by the continued quest to 100.

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