Thursday, August 9, 2012

The East Coast Road Trip - 2012 Day 1 - I Packed Poo

Last night while we were packing for our trip we smelled what we thought was the sewers backing up. As we live in a basement beach front apt it is not out of the question that this could happen. The Fabreeze made an entrance and cast itself all over the place and that was that. We did blame the dog that lives upstairs because after you play with him, his stench gets into your skin and does not leave. Well that overdose of fabreeze was uncalled for because as I opened my previously packed suitcase to change into some shorts, I notice on the bottom of my new merrells what looked like mud. Naturally being of the inquisitive nature I gave it a good sniff. Yup you guessed it, I PACKED POO.  The long and short of it, the dog upstairs did his business on the lawn and it was not cleaned up until I graciously walked in it. Thanks Bear!
After a good scrub with an old toothbrush, my suitcase being secretly doused with fabreeze without me suspecting we were off.  St. Andrews New Brunswick is our destination with Boston, Vermont and Maine the coming attractions

Our bellies full from a brief stop at Meemas for a tasty dinner of baked beans, scalloped potatoes and meatloaf, we hit the Rainbow bridge around 7 pm. Traffic did not exist so everything was a snap..well except the border guard who seemed to take great pleasure in showing his trainee how people react to questions.  He said "watch this"? Then to me "whats your name?". I know I looked at him with a bit of "really" then said my name . He turned to his recruit and confidently said "See, that's what happens. Well now I am pissed because I am the border guards guinea pig. He asked me a few more questions and these two guys were literally having their way with my reactions to the questions. Bama sees I am getting pissed an quietly says "calm down, they are saying you are telling the truth and are honest". Well that must have been the case (she is usually right) because he just passed back the passports and that was that.

* on a side note, I have crossed some sketchy borders in Central America with scary gun toting evil looking mother fuckers and have  less stress then crossing into the United States of Paranoia.**

Sadly I took the 190 north to Lewiston instead of south to Buffalo and we ended up in a massive lineup for the Queenston Lewistion bridge. Yup just did a lap around Niagara Falls NY. 

 A quick U turn and before you knew we were being lead down interstate 90 east by a moon that seemed to hang in animated suspension in the dead centre of the highway guiding our way.

This Moon fire lit highway was sparse of traffic and we made good time to end up at the Days Inn in Canastoga New York. I have never seen a red moon before and there is suppose to be a blue moon at the end of the month because there are two full moons this month). Now mother nature is just messing with us.

 I really did not know what town we were in when I pulled of the Interstate (95) and asked the nice older woman behind the desk, "by the way, where are we. She gave me a knowing "I know your tired" look. Canastoga's claim to fame is the Boxing Hall of fame. This Days Inn is across the street and the lobby is loaded with famous pictures. Larry Holmes, Joe Frazier good old Canadian boy George Chavalo.

Road Trip Odometer day 1 - 367 km

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