Sunday, July 29, 2012

Acts of Random Funny

I have think working in retail, a coffee shop or a large box store checkout does not constitute a gratifying day at work. Not the job itself, I respect anyone who goes to work. Its the masses of humanity that treat most service employees person like garbage. Thus it becomes a cosmic bunny hole. Shopping complain that the service worker is miserable and the service workers complain that shoppers are rude.

Today was a bit different when we went into the local Tim Horton's on Fairview Ave in Burlington. It was a nice lazy Saturday and for anyone who does not live in Canada Timmies is daily ritual for  us simple Canadian fol,. It has become a part of our ingrained culture, like Hockey, Good Beer and Poutine. Well we walk in and Bama walks to the counter and asks for her Tea, steeped with milk and sugar. I wander up behind and say to her, "hey, what are you doing talking to that guy". She is used to me acting up and just ignores me. Well the kid behind the counter who was maybe 16 and of middle eastern decent gives me a knowing look and grin with a, "what are you talking about dude". It was hilarious. We joke a bit and have a funny banter going back and forth and he really is a personable kid. I order my coffee, cream only. He comes back looks me straight faced right in the eyes and says , "ok sir one coffee, Double Double".  I start to mumble "but I ordered".....then realize he got me. He has a huge shit eating grin on his face and I laugh my ass off. "Well done man". Bama say turns to me and says "servers you right knucklehead". We finish the simple act in a pretty good mood because the guy working the Tim Hortons showed some personality, charm and wit.

Listen, I worked in the service industry for years. Toiled as a teenage bus boy, dealt with all the grief that comes with being a bartender, waiter and doorman. (** as a door man, I was the littler guy who did all the talking and not the actually hard part of the job**).  Now I don't profess that you go into work bouncing around like a mad person. What I am saying is I know how hard the job can be. Not the physical part of it, or the fact you hate what your doing (change your job if you don't like it but that is another discussions) but i know you tend to get shit on by people who are in no particular order, rude, ignorant, impolite, short of cash, looking for free shit or just plain assholes. What I am saying is, once in a while, take a step back, breathe and have a little fun. Maybe make someone smile, do something silly because people will respond in kind.

** Guys make a girl laugh, because most normal girls notice that over $$$ any day**.

So find a way to perform an act of random funny. I did not realize I do it and I guess I do it allot. What I do know is that when I walk away from a situation and everyone is smiling or laughing, I have a better view of the world.

"Deaths coming, Lifes Foreplay"

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