Thursday, December 10, 2015

It's Quetzal Time

Quetzal Trekkers León Company Tag Line
We are a non-profit volunteer organization offering adventurous hikes to volcanoes in the areas around León, Nicaragua. All profits are donated to locally-run projects that support at-risk children.

I have spoken about Quetzal Trekkers and the work they do in Nicaragua and Guatemala. A non profit tour company who gives any/all profits from their tour operation business to local charities and community projects. They recently started a Scholarship Fund to help children in need go to school. (books, uniforms, transportation, and other school supplies). I have seen some of these kids first hand and aside from their excitement, the gratitude of their families is something to behold. Honest sincere gratitude.
They have been such a success that other tour operators in the area have started to donate monies to charities as well since Quetzal has developed a quality reputation and has become the first stop for many adventure seekers. They are a bit more expensive and to compete with the feel good story other operators have reduced their prices to a very attractive level. Everybody wins!

Why the promo for Queztel? Well you are looking at their newest Volcano and tour guide. Yes sir, teaching English and Volcano guiding in Nicaragua.  I believe this is a fine reason to wake up every morning. My first hike is Monday to Cerro Negro and El Hoyo.
Here are the details 

This Saturday is my final class until the second week of January. With all that time off I can commit to a full guiding schedule. Of course I will keep my eyes and ears open if they need help in the community. When school starts in January I will go back to teaching and help Quetzel part time as they need me and where I can fit time in. It is a win/win. It will be nice to get off my butt and get back on the trail full time.

They are as good as they look
I have a personal project I have bouncing around in my cranium. I finally found someone to bounce it off and it might get some traction. There is a Swedish guy here that is working for a local NGO. (for whatever reason this town is filled with Swedes and Norwegians) I was talking with him and we are co-proposing a grassroots project where I would teach English to kids who can not afford lessons and in return they will teach me Spanish. The reason behind the language swap is to teach the kids that bartering is better than begging. Yes I could teach English for free and they would benefit. However they learn more when they give back, not just take. I am excited to create my own project, even small. You never know where it could lead.

It must be ice cold in a glass bottle

Until then...its TREKKING time and believe me it's not a moment too soon. I have developed a fetish for Pinguinos and it's getting out of control. Pinguinos you ask? They are chocolate covered cupcakes filled with scrumptious vanilla icing. That is why I have to get trekking full time. I go down the sweet trail and I stay on the sweet trail and it's no Yellow Brick Road. Well its the scary part of the Yellow Brick Road with the talking trees and I do not want to see any sugar induced talking trees any more.

Pinguinos+ Ice Cold Bottle of Pepsi = Paradise

Paradise Found

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