Tuesday, March 15, 2016

León and Nicaragua, That's A Wrap

My dear León what an interesting time we have had.

We had earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, gorgeous lightning, sonic thunder, searing heat and torrential rains. There were scorpions, tarantulas, Boa Constrictors, iguanas, Geckos, chikungunya carrying mosquitoes and tiny little ants with big ass ant bites.

Cars that do not stop, death defying sidewalks, smelly streets, honking horns, belching buses, street vendors and money changers. Cold beer, gallo pinto, sweet yogurt, smoothies, sidewalk cafes, fritungas, pulperias, outdoor markets, comedors and burger stands.

We had fun and ate well at Pan y Paz, Libelula, Kiss Me, Via Via, Mi Casita, Nicaraguita, Desayunaso, Manhattan, Oxygen, Paz de Luna, Imbir, El Sesteo, Antoninos and so many more.

Toss in La Union, Banpro, the Central Park, bad Spanish, cheap taxis, cheaper buses and a nice beach town that was nearby.

The TEFL Academy reminded me what it was like to be a student. ELI taught me how to be a better teacher and QT reinforced my need for patience with tourists.

Mix all this with so many helpful and interesting people that shared their time with me and we had a full lid.

What a time indeed.

Nicaragua TEFL Academy

American Nicaraguan ELI at Mimundo

The Harvest House, my Nica home

Justice Cat clearing out the riff raff in the garden

41 hikes and 7 Volcanoes later.

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