Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Simple Twist Of Fate

This has been an interesting week here in the heart of cactus country. I have had Skype interviews for jobs in China, Honduras and an attempt with the Dominican Republic. The Dominican guy was "soooo busy" that he gave me a window of from 1 to 5 that he would call. That in itself had red flags all over and I was not going to hang around online for 4 hours waiting for a call that may not come because "busy boy" does not know how to plan his day.
People really have got to stop saying "I am so busy" because how much are you actually getting done? Your busy being busy so cut the shit. Anyways I will travel to the Dominican when I island hop around the Caribbean.

I received a formal offer from the Atlantic Bilingual School in Puerto Cortez Honduras. The position would run from August 16th to mid June 2017. It includes paid airfare, paid accommodations including all utilities, wifi and 2 luxuries, air conditioning and hot water. You may not realize but hot water is not available everywhere however with the humidity in places such as Leon Nicaragua and now Puerto Cortez cold showers are a relief. Besides hot showers in many places have the rightful nickname "suicide showers". Were we not told as kids to never stand in water while holding a plugged in electrical appliance. Well toss that good advice out the window, well in this case down the drain.

The other positives include:
- a monthly salary of about $800 which is more than enough
- a 30 hour work week where I am finished by 2pm every day
- weekends and holidays off plus 3 weeks at Christmas
- I will be literally living on the Caribbean and can walk to the beach
- I will be a short hop to Roatan and Utila and could finally get off my but and get SCUBA Certified
- Its a port town and not a tourist town which means the "real Honduras"
- The beach town of Omoa is close
- They will get me a working visa so no 3 month border runs

There is a negative side and it carries some weight:
- Its a port town and not a tourist town which means the "real Honduras" meaning I will stand out like a sore thumb
- Puerto Cortez is the largest, deepest and busiest seaport in Central America and is considered the "eye of the drug traffic hurricane" and with that brings as much trouble as you can handle.
- It is an hour ride from San Pedro Sula, the most dangerous city in the world. Drugs, gangs and guns
- My getting into some kind of trouble ratio would increase. The world is not all sunshine and lollipops. Here is an article on the reduced murder rate. This is not a safe town.
Trip Advisor "Things To Do" in Puerto Cortez. Not that I use TA as my travel lexicon but it sure hits to the heart of Puerto Cortez being a real ass working port town
- They want me to start August 16th. I could leave directly from here but my passport needs to be renewed which will hinder my working visa

My heart says "give it a go, it could be the fundamental and non tourist experience that you need. My gut says "nope, not going to happen". I always go with my gut.

Now lets look east to Asia and in particular the enticing China.
Jilin Younovo Education accepted me without hesitation which is normal. Its not that I am "super awesome" but China needs English teachers. Thousands and thousands of them. The position is in the north, whatever that means however again timing is everything. There is the required paperwork and she would like me to be there mid August. As some of the paperwork requires me to visit the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa or the Consulate General in Toronto. I will put this one on the back burner because I am heading back to Canada because as I said I need to update my passport and chicken wings await.

Why is the title of this post "A Simple Twist Of Fate". Well sir, it's like this. One of my house mates Scott lived and worked in China for three years. He loved it and will head back there permanently once her travels around a bit more. He was in Xi'an which is home to the Terracotta Warriors which rank high on my list of things to see and do when I do get to China.
The city is also considered the Eastern start of the historical Silk road and where HAN (Chinese dynasty) met the world. It goes without saying the food options are not only ridiculously cheap but varied and crazy delicious.
He reached out to his old employer and she came back with a job offer for me. I am just awaiting the documents. Scott was there for 3 years and having first hand knowledge about both a school and it's location is worth it's weight in noodle soup.

Finally, on this glorious Saturday in June I received a Skype interview request from Topica Native. On online tutoring school located in various places in Asia. The thoughts of tutoring online really peak my curiosity. I could do it from anywhere in the world however I would head to Asia and go for it. Teach online for 5 hours then the rest of the day belongs to me. That sounds like a pretty good deal. 

My thoughts are that as ideal as that sounds I think I want to be in the classroom a little while longer to get the experience I want and need. However working from home where my home is in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand or where ever sure sound appealing. There are also many options to teach in private schools a night if the spirit moves me.

My friend was accepted to the Wild Tracks Conservation in Belize for a month which opens up that option if I push teaching into February however that does mean I could tutor online from the comforts and beauty that is the Canadian late summer and fall. Then scampering like a chipmunk when the snow starts flying. It would give me a chance to drive my mother crazy for a while, which is one of my life's simple pleasures.

Thanks again to everyone for their support, thoughts, ideas and feedback. Now its back to the reality of being in hot and sunny Mexico and it's time for Tacos and maybe an illegal beer as it is Election Weekend here in Puebla. That puts the Dry Law into effect. No sale of booze 24 hours before an election and no sales of booze on election day (tomorrow). Time to break a law in another country.

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