Wednesday, June 8, 2016

China Rising

I realize that this is becoming more of a diary than a travel blog. Reason being is, well I am not traveling. However I have finally pointed by Pisces decision making self in one direction now but being distracted by shiny objects or a bumble bee is my forte. The direction I am heading is East to Xian China, home of the Terracotta Warriors.

Why did I decide on China even after receiving a nice offer from Puerto Cortez, Honduras? I love Latin America and especially Central America and one day I am going to kick back here permanently, do you hear that Nicaragua? I have been to every country, my Spanish is passable, there are many opportunities for work and I am comfortable moving around in any country. But there you have it. I am COMFORTABLE here in Latin America, be it Nicaragua, Guatemala or Mexico. I have decided I need to follow my own advice and set my bar a bit higher. It is time to get out of  my comfort zone and drop into what can only be the insanity that is Asia, namely China.

This blog post will be interrupted by the following video below created by Prince EA. I use his videos for the kick in the pants when it's needed.

So, China is rising. I received very favorable messages from one of the jobs I am pursuing in China and now it's all about the paperwork and I am down with China. I decided against Honduras, which I know would have been an interesting challenge and Malawi is a volunteer position and will always be there, as will Belize or anywhere else for that matter. As an aside if China does not happen Belize in January jumps to the top of the list.

If the stars align and I get this teaching opportunity I know for certain that when I land after 15 hours in the air and 26 hours with the time difference my groggy yet adrenaline pumped self will look around, suddenly realize where I am and go WTF have I done and I will then try to get back on the plane? I clearly remember that happening in September of 2010 when I landed in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

I have also been chatting with Topica Nativa, an online tutoring service from Vietnam. This is where my future is. Teaching, well tutoring 45 minute online classes for 4 to 5 hours a day. I can live anywhere in the world and do this. In my perfect dream like world now, I would get the job in China and work during the day then head home and put in a few hours at night with Topica Nativa. It could be an interesting situation and with some focus I could put away some decent $$ which would allow me to travel Asia for a year or so once my contract with the School in China is complete. Again, this is my dream world but a funny thing happens in my dream happens in real life....often.

If I want to make it happen I will. Then again oil is above $50 a barrel and companies are looking for drivers in Ft. St. John British Columbia.

Oh look, a bumble bee.

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