Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Death Of Reality

I do not have a travel or adventure story to talk about because my mojo is being busted by having to work. I am counting down the days to my road trip back to Canada, which now stands at 14 but then again road trip is an understatement as it is more of a taxi, bus, taxi, bus, plane, bus, subway, train and finally a very cool black Dodge Charger road trip. This is all great because I honestly enjoy the travel part of traveling which probably confuses some people. Regardless the countdown to quality chicken wings and pizza has begun with the first stop priority being Jakes Chip Truck.

I will tell you that the last couple of weeks I have allowed myself to be sucked into and be immersed in the events of the world. Global terrorists attacks and how the West cherry picks the reporting, insane shootings in the United States and say what you want they are being accepted as the norm, a coup in Turkey and the solidifying of power of a Dictator in a NATO country, the debacle that is the situation leading up to the Rio Olympics, Russian athletes being repeatedly busted for steroids with the Russian government being a part of it and the IOC not banning them from the Olympics and of course the absurdity that has become the American Election. Did you know that the Gladiator Games in Ancient Rome were created to distract the masses from what was becoming the deterioration and eventual fall of the Roman Empire? What is distraction you right now? Are you seriously Keeping Up With The Kardashians?


Yoshihiro Francis Fukuyama  wrote in his incredible and controversial 1992 book The End of History and the Last Man  that at the end of history, nostalgia would be seen as an escape from the boredom of the present. At the end of reality, nostalgia is a place to hide while the world burns. 
Go Pokemon Go !

Here is a link to a very interesting interview with Fukuyama about his book. If you have an hour its a good listen.

I have an American friend who shut down their Facebook page because they were sick of seeing everyone re-post news stories about the garbage that is happening in the world. Is it not bad enough we have a 24 hour news cycle that people think they need to re-post shit on social media like anyone is not aware of what is going on? She said fuck it, packed her bags for 2 months in Europe and would not be deterred by the Mass Media Mayhem. Sure bad things can happen but bad things are happening daily all over the good old US of A so if you are terrified and want to live your life turn off the TV, put down your phone, go offline for awhile, read a book, go for a hike do something, do anything just get off the Media Merry Go Round.

Anyways July is over and August is upon us. I am living my routine and have mentally checked out of the last two weeks of school. It will be a personal challenge to put together interesting lessons for my final 8 teaching days and then the final exam. Wish me luck as the road trip countdown has begun.

Anyways part 2 - Today's world view rant was brought to you by watch all 4 seasons of Vikings. A wonderful escape from the reality of the world that is upon me.

Jeff Becks single "Scared for the Children" from his new album Loud Hailer nails what he thinks about the future. This album is classic Beck and speaks volumes in the low key that is Beck.

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