Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Caio Caio Argentina

Ah Argentina

You are big, your brash, your beautiful and you dam well know it! Home of great steaks, better wine and Quilmes beer you lived up to your arrogant reputation with room to spare around that big old head of yours. Just one work of advice my friend, lay off the smokes. Holy crap you people smoke to allot and you smoke everywhere. I am pretty sure you smoke while you are having a smoke.

From Ushuaia in the south to Salto in the North you were as diverse as you are huge. You are 8th largest country in the world and that is no small feat. Unfortunately you had one huge strike against you but it was not your fault. You followed my journey into Antarctica and that high lasted me a long time at your expense. I think you knew that because you tried your best to keep me here by blocking the road to Bolivia. What was up with that anyways dude? I know you wanted to show me more but it was time for me to leave.

You allowed me to be over 11 000 km from home and feel safe at all times. You are crazed about Tango, Eva Peron, football and thinking you are European. Like your pal Chile you kicked that crap out of my budget but what ever eh, when are we going to see each other again? I did not get to see the Pampas home of Pompero Firpo. Maybe this was a good thing because I am sure I would have giggled like a child every time I said Pampas and Pompero Firpo. Your Gouchos would not have been pissed, and nobody likes a pissed Goucho.

A few Highlights Argentina. You did good my friend

- Drinking wine in Mendoza
- Calving on Perito Glacier near El Calefate
- The Salt Flats near Salta
- A brilliant steak in Bariloche
- Two bus rides of over 20 hours and one that was near 30. Death occurs at 26 hours.
- A zoo that almost made me cry in public
- Being Pespi and soda free for 38 days now
- The best empanadas in Latin America
- The heat that put San Pedro De Atacama in Chile to shame
- Wandering a bit drunk in BA after watching football all day
- Iguazu Falls
- The Jesuit Ruins at San Ignacio
- The feeling that I was a character in  Nevil Shutes On The Beach while in Posadas
- The house dogs at the Hostel in Bariloche
- The Flecha Bus ride from San Ignacio to Salta where they served me wine and whiskey
- Recoleta Cemetary
- Leaving Ushuaia for Antarctica
- The utter chaos of the bus station in El Calefate after the fire in Torres Del Paynes
- A huge hairy tarantula unexpectedly walking across my foot and me screaming like a 14 years old girl.
- Drinking Mate with the hostel owners in El Calefate
- The fastest and scariest cab ride ever in Bariloche, scarier than Cairo if that is possible
- Watching the Superbowl in Spanish

Well Argentina you were pretty special but more often aloof. I could not really nail you down but I think that is how you like it isn't it? Always keep us guessing. Your South American with a European flair, confident of your success and I will leave yearning for more. Finally be nice to your neighbour Uruguay. They are small and mean you no harm. Remember, the true test of a man's character is how he treats the ones who can cause him no harm.

Ciao Ciao Argentina. The mysterious Bolivia awaits.

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