Sunday, February 5, 2012

In And Around Salta

Not to be confused with lame ass Salto Uruguay, I like Salta Argentina. I went up the telefonica (cable car) to the local view point of the city *Yawn* but I accidentally delete my pictures from that day. If you want to see the picture in  my posting about the telefonica in Quito and you will get the idea, just think smaller views.

I was told not to expect much from Salta and as is always the case experience things for yourself. Everyone is different and has different ideas of what is good or bad. Listen to what people have to say but make your own educated opinions based on your real experience. Not from what you read on some travel blog or heard from someone.

One of first thing I noticed about being here in North Central Argentina is physical chance in the people. As I move closer to Bolivia the facial features and body shapes are less European like they are in the Central and South and more Incian or Indian. The people are shorter so I fell right at home now.

Salta is at a travellers cross roads. People come here from San Pedro De Atacama Chile, south through here coming from Bolivia and north heading to Bolivia. As much as it is that cross roads town it does not have the feel of a tourist town. It seems more like a working town, my favourite.

There are the standard tree line parks and squares with statures of some famous guy doing something heroic on horseback. What they do have here are some of the most colourful churches I have seen in a long while. They are mixed amongst old dilapidated buildings and new glass office towers.

Now the one thing I notice beside the change in people is that they are also getting poorer. Not dangerous but poor. I noticed more people, usually the kids looking at my camera when I walked by. Good think to notice and its time to get my travel game face on and put that puppy back in my pocket when I am not using it.

The last couple of months through Chile, Antarctica, Argentina and Uruguay have been a breeze. Europe cold not have been easier, but with ease of travel comes sloppy habits. Time to sharpen them up my travel skills. My belly is going to get re-acquainted with my passport and my wallet.

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