Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eating Skittles In La Paz

Well this was a fairly easy travel day. Salta Argentina to La Paz Bolivia. I flew with the Bolivian airlines AeroSur and they were a standard airline and decent enough. The flight from Salta to Santa Cruz Bolivia was 90 minutes then an hour stop over and 45 minutes to La Paz.

They are a small airline with only 16 planes in their fleet. What AeroSur had going for it was some of the best designed artwork on their fleet of jets. Nice to see creativity alive in the corporate world. Find some FB pictures Here and some Corporate photos Here . I flew Yacare the croc. Something so simple as a well thought out design concept goes such a long way to remembering the airline and brings a little levity to the experience. Big thumbs up to AeroSur.

In La Paz and I had a sudden craving for skittles. When it seems I have these cravings I always happen to find them. I don't know what it is, maybe because they are sweet, or colorful, but really its because when I get my hands on them they end up all over the places and I giggle like a kid, diving on the floor after them. Here's to you skittles for making my day after a long journey.

Now I am just chilling in La Paz. Getting off the plane I was hit in face with a burst of altitude. Some light headedness, a bit dizzy and foggy. I picked up my pack, slowly and walked to get a cab very slowly. Altitude is such a funny thing and you do not realize how quickly it can affect you. It just takes time to adjust.

The airport sits above the city and the city is in a long low valley. As it was night the drive into the city was incredible. The lights of the city were a perfect back drop to the full moon.. My hotel is great, so its time to get a well deserved good nights sleep. The La Paz walkabout awaits me in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Ken, I think your altitude problem was that you ate too many Skittles.

I am loving my vicarious journey through you. LOL

Ed Blomeley said...

I agree with anonymous. and I am going to post some of those airline pictures up on my blog.

Keep up the good work.

Grant said...


You were lucky, I flew Aerosur from La Paz - Santa Cruz - BA and had delays the whole way. First flight was three hours late and the second was 7 hours late. Ended up sitting in airports for a full day and rocked up in BA at 2am.

I made it though and I had the shark plane.