Sunday, September 20, 2015

Digital Insanity: Can We Auto-Correct Humanity

Digital Insanity: Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? Why I Refuse to Let Technology Control Me.
-- prince Ea 

I am always on the lookout for anyone who has something interesting and intelligent to say about the evolution...I mean the devolution of our society. Recently I stumbled across prince Ea and have become a fan of his spoken word videos. This guy is smart, articulate and passionate. He does not rant, rave, scream or insult without merit like any main stream media show. He is clear, concise well versed and thoughtful. He speaks with unbridled passion the carries a twinge of pain and sorrow about the state of our world. We watch the news, use our mobile devices, spent hours staring into screens and think..oh well. prince Ea steps back and hits us squarely between the eyes and shows us our reality!



For a different slant with a similar message I look to Russell Brand. What makes me sigh is how quickly people are to judge this guy because of his lifestyle, past issues with drugs and booze and his high octane approach to life. The dude is intelligent, articulate and does not get defensive when insulted. His thoughts are lucid and his laugh is sneering and infectious. He takes on the establishment, their arrogance and ignorance and takes them down...and they do not even know it. Well done sir.

Here is is view on why he does not vote with Jeremy Paxton. He buries him.

You can watch scripted ``Reality tv``, keep up with the Kardashamediawhores.
You can get your news from TMZ and make sure your up to date with all things celebrity.
You can complain about athletes making $10 - $15 million a year while you buy your $15 beer and sit in your $125 seat.
You can moan with angst about the price of fuel while filling up your SUV.
You can drink bottled water regardless of the facts surrounding it.
You can bemoan your mobile bill while watching YouTube videos complaining about the cost of mobile services.
You can complain about the environment when buying your milk that comes in 3 plastic bags, in 1 plastic bag and placed in another plastic bag to carry out.
You can complain about the price of hydro when watching TV, searching the web, doing your laundry all with your lights on.
You can complain about being out of shape while eating ice cream on the sofa watching 3 hours of TV.
You can feel angst about your finances while shopping because you are bored for things you do not need.

You can do any or all of the above......just be nice to other people, pay it forward, buy someone a coffee, pet a dog, listen more,  and FIND THE TIME TO BE TIRED OF BEING WIRED (while smiling at the irony that I wrote that last line and put it online)

(If you have anything societal ironic to add to this list, send it to me. I will add it here with props to you)

*** I would be happy to receive any feedback on this blog, good, bad or indifferent. Any new ideas or thoughts for me to explore or just to say hello from where ever you are.

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Anonymous said...

I am depressed now Ken. While I sip on my espresso and read your blog via the interweb. :-(