Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How Many Showers Are Too Many?

Here is a little something to ponder (if you choose to of course) while I sit here in a pool of Central American Sweat!

Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life believing it is stupid
 - Alberta Einstein

Today's weather brought to you buy the makers of "holy crap it's hot and muggy again today".  Right now its 8:00 pm and as you can see it is relentless. When I say 5 showers a day I am not talking about the collective total of a household. That is ME, taking up to 5 cool showers a day just to feel normal for about an hour.  On the upside there is a fierce lightning storm that brings heavy rain every night. (as the thunder rolls in the back ground on cue).  The Rain cools it down over night and sleeping is a breeze with the help of the best wall oscillating fan in the world plus the long range forecast looks so amazing!

I change my T Shirt at least twice a day and have become the master of the bathroom sink laundromat. The best part of the experience is at 6:10 pm which is peak WTF its been a brutal long hot sticky day time. It's at this glorious moment I put on long pants, socks, shoes and a work shirt and head off to train for work. "Yup Ken, you do make some genius choices in this life." I put shoes on today for the first time since early July. I forgot how to walk in them.

 For those keeping score it was about 8 months ago that I was head first into the wonder that is an Alberta winter. I was driving my rig across cracking Ice Roads, the Average temperature was - 30, there was about 7 hours of day light per day, the snow  owned my soul and the first signs of spring were buried under the hibernating bears of the Rockies. I  do believe I also said "Yup Ken, you do make some genius choices in this life."

All whining aside Leon is as I remember during the rainy season. The streets are chaotic even when not filled with torrent of water, the food its amazing, the pineapples sweet, I drink water from the tap without issue, the Toña is ice cold and .45 a Litre at the local shop plus the Volcanoes are spewing smoke and ash and compete with the Thunder for the Nightly Rumble Championships. I would not have it any other way while I am here....except somewhere in the distance I hear a gecko laughing.

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