Sunday, January 10, 2016

I Am A Tired Motherfu**er

As I wake up from my second nap today I figured I should try and do something, anything besides rolling over onto the cool side of the bed. This being Nicaragua the cool side of the bed is a rare treat not to be ignored.

School started yesterday and with that comes lesson planning for two 2 hour classes. My first class is an Accuracy class with 17 students. My second is a Fluency class with 8. I teach at the American Nicaraguan Language Institute's Leon Campus which take place at the Colegio Mi Mundo. This is a very nice open air school located 15 minutes by taxi on the highway to Managua.

This semester runs January 9th to March 5th, the standard 9 weeks. A nice surprise found me along side Kieran Cassillo who was in the TEFL course with me in September. The school sports pretty light blue golf style shirts that allows us to be seen across the school yard (I guess that is the logic).  The staff is supportive and we have the resources to do our job to the best of our ability so there is that.
Myself with Kieran Cassillo
Now with that out of the way and today being Sunday I am one tired motherfu**er. I guess a combination of hammering away at Volcanoes, lesson planning, teaching and being old as dirt caught up to me. It started mid afternoon yesterday although a few beer after school on an empty stomach is never a bright idea. I have had 2 sleeps and 4 glorious naps in the last couple of days. If there is anything I have learned in this life is that when you are tired, rest. Shit sleep for 2 days if you have to. Load up on healthy smoothies, light snacks instead of big meals and lots of water. After getting out of bed the 5th time last night to pee I have re-thought the water thing.

Tehuacan: New colonial town, new central church

Well my life for the next two months will be volcano guide and teacher. I like the mix. The high tourist season is on us and lasts until early March. My visa expires on March 22nd so the timing works. What timing you ask? I have an opportunity in Tehuacán Mexico starting on May 9th that I have not shared with too many people as of yet. Reasons being so as not to interfere with my current situation however I will give plenty of notice as I may want to come back here one day. There are many teachers in Leon and my replacement will be easily found. If that is the case I will leave Leon on or about the 14th of March and start working my way north. That gives me almost 7 weeks to travel but my primary goal will be the Border of Belize. As Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador have a Free Trade and Travel agreement I need to get out of that zone for my visa to be cleared. It's shitty but it is what it is. It might be easier to find a cheap flight to Belize City then crisscrossing across Honduras and Guatemala but lets see how everything shakes out. A quick check of flights from Managua to Belize city is $367. I will have to compare that with the costs of buses, hotels, food and the biggest obstacle, miles and time. I have done the weeks on the bus the last time I was here. Nothing to prove to myself. A short flight from Managua will have me on the beaches of Belize in about 7 hours.

Mexico was never on my radar. My interest kept growing when I would have conversations with people who had lived and taught there. They rave mostly about the food. Lets be clear, Nica food is fairly bland on the best of days and has allot to be desired. Spicy Mexico has my palette jumping for joy.
Next on my list is a trip to Cuba. Not resort fill with North Americans Cuba but Cuba. Again, its conversations with Europeans that find me pushing Cuba up the travel list. (Before the Americans get there and ruin it, is the common phrase)

Never a bad sunset on El-Hoyo

San Fransisco Crater, my favorite viewing spot on the El Hoyo Trek

Back to my original thought. I am tired both physically and mentally. It's not the worst thing in the world as long as I do what I did this weekend. Sleep, eat, poop, nap, eat, nap, eat, sleep and repeat.. In a two week span I will hike El Hoyo twice and Cerro Negro 3 times plus all the prep work.  I hit these volcano treks hard and work like I only know how, full speed. When they are over I feel amazing. Then put me in front of 17 bright eyed ESL students on the first Saturday back to school and I have to sleep for 2 days.

..sore joints, fatigue, fever...I might be starting the dance with the Gunya

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