Monday, January 4, 2016

You Have To Take Care Of Your Feet

As I prepare for my 4th two day trek up El Hoyo it suddenly dawned on me. I have not been taking care of my feet. As your feet go, so goes your day and with the it's pedicure time. Yes, that is exactly what I said, "its pedicure time". I just may put a clear coat on the toenails because that's how this former truck driving  and current volcano guide rolls.

I may have mentioned in the past that when working the Oil Fields of Western Canada I would get a pedicure every other week. I mentioned it once while in a room full of tough guy oil workers and that was cause for a few days of abuse. No worries as I was the one who did not have sore feet. About 2 days later one of the boys came to me and said something to the effect of "my wife told me that pedicures actually make your feet feel better".  Well a few day later the truck driver and the rig worker were sitting side by side with their nasty Oil Worker Feet being looked after by little Vietnamese woman during a Prairie winter storm. As the saying goes "the first guy through the door always gets bloodied" (that would be me). After about a month there was talk of trying to get this on our group benefit plan. Funny how the world works when you drop your bulls** preconceived perceptions. We did hit the pub right after and drank a bunch of beer "so we can still be men" as I was told. Sometimes I do miss the simple stupidity of working in the Oil Patch.

Standing beside the San Francisco Crater on the Las Pilas / El Hoyo Volcano cluster

Well my friends if you have not manned up and had a pedicure or have not done anything to take care of your feet, start NOW. It will not take away from your manhood or suddenly make you gay. You will not stop watching sports and have a sudden urge to go to the ballet or watch the Notebook. Hell you may be so happy with the result you might just tell someone without fear, but one step at a time.

Obviously I am a fan. You need to take care of your feet and 30 minutes in the hands of a pedicurist (is that right, pedicurist?) will put the the bounce right back into your step.  There are lots of shops in Leon and my choice was limitless. Then I came across Indira. The picture is from her website as I did not think pulling out a camera was the brightest thing to do. Pedicures in Canada run about $30, but here in glorious Leon there are about $5. Better yet, with notice Indira will come to your house. The kicker, I now have 3 other people here at Harvest House ready to join. A film maker from Toronto, another Canadian truck driver who knows the value (retired) and  a very confused German.

We have 2 woman that come here every day and clean. One from 6:30 and the second comes around 1:30. These woman work hard cleaning not only the common areas but each room twice a week. I do believe I am going to talk to offer a pedicure to each of them. Now, Nica's are shy proud people and their first response will be no. With prodding I am going to get each one of them into the chair for 45 minutes of what will be pure bliss for them. I will let you know how it goes.

Next up, there is a massage parlor (no not one of the happy ending variety) in town called Seeing Hands Message. Why seeing hands you ask? The shop is run by a blind man and all his masseuses (sorry that word looks funny) are blind or near blind as well. Word on the street is the place is amazing. They have been opened for a couple of years now. Now, the shop is not all glamorous and enchanting, its Nicaragua. What is has is a practical clean setup with required privacy. Once we all get past our perceptions of what the place should look like and realize the work is amazing this too will become a bi-weekly tradition.

Seeing Hands Massage and Revolutionary Messages

Here is the price book: When was the last time you have a full 60 Thai massage (again, not one of those) for $15

15 minutes /back massage/ espalda : 5 USD$ ó 122 C$
20 minutes / foot massage/ pies: 6 USD$ ó 147 C$
35 minutes / combo back & foot / espalda & pies: 9 USD$ ó 220 C$
30 minutes / full massage / masaje completo: 10 USD$ ó 245 C$
60 minutes / full massage / masaje completo: 15 USD$ ó 367 C$

Pamper ourselves? No more like look after ourselves. We spend so much time working, trying to eat right and maybe do a bit of exercise. Why do we need to feel like looking after ourselves is a guilty pleasure? Should taking care of ourselves not be a part of our monthly routine? As for costs, stop drinking your daily Timmies, or go out for dinner one less time a month. Money should not be the issue, taking care of yourself should be the priority.

Next up, a barbershop for a haircut and a straight razor shave and if I wore shoes that needed it, a good shoeshine.

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