Friday, January 1, 2016

Ok 2016, Lets Give It A Go

"Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose." - Yoda

Holy Crap, New Years 2016. Each year begins full of hope and optimism as it should. Then comes January 2nd and you have not quit smoking, started to exercise and are still devouring the Doritos. Then comes the 3rd and the confident resolution re-boot. On the 4th you give it a go and on the 5th you say "screw it" and go back to where you started. My question is "why do we waste a week with resolutions that are bound to fail"?
If you want to feel better, look better, eat better or have any goals just do them. Start already. Stop waiting for a specific moment or the "right time". It will be difficult and challenging. Family and friends may get upset because their routine is now broken. Stay the course. If you hear "(your name here) has changed or is not the same, something must be wrong" you are doing something right.  Change shows you who honestly believes in you, who your friends are and who you can trust. It's amazing how quickly you can thin the herd.

I do not think the start of any year is when you should say "OK, this year I am going to do this or that". Pick something and do it. Less TV and more reading, less work more time with family, let internet more bbq's with everyone involved in the process. Not just Dad flipping burgers while the rest of us stare into our mobile devices.
When that has become a part of your routine, choose something else. Walking 30 minutes after dinner instead of flopping on the sofa with "I am so tired". Learn to use tool properly and start with building birdhouses, learn to bake bread, learn the names of the planets and one fact about each or spend 2 hours a week doing volunteer work. You never know where that will lead.  Do something; do anything but just break the routine that bores you out of your mind but you accept as life.  Stop depending on the new Calendar year to set goals you will not keep.

 So 2016, what are we going to do?

My teaching goals are Nicaragua (January to April), Mexico (May to September). I want to get the backpack on and travel to  Belize, cut across Northern Guatemala and then into the Chiapas region of Mexico. Cuba has found its way onto my list. Not the "all inclusive resort for a week" Cuba, the wander around the country with a backpack Cuba. 
Although having talked to a few folks who have done just that I discovered that you can go to an all inclusive resort for about $30 a day if you want a bit of that experience and comfort which we all do. I suppose you just walk up to the hotel and ask if they have space. I will keep that in mind. 
The talk on the trail is always about getting to Cuba within the next 2 years "before" the Americans can go there without restrictions. The world really does hate Americans. I see and hear it every day. However I believe the world is tired of American Politics and not American citizens. Any conversation of length, without fail, brings up guns and their second amendment, like anyone gives a shit. When flying travelers avoid American Airports or if they have to are appalled by the banality of the process. Come on America we really want you to do better. Cut the crap already.

I knew quite a few people who left us in 2015. I also know people struggling with their health who were healthy when the year started. This is the perspective we need to keep every moment of every day.

Sure, I am going to try and eat better which is a slow but steady evolution for me.. I need to be more aware of sugar and reduce processed food more than I have. I am evolving to a more plant based diet but need to kick the junk food "because I am bored" habit".

I am loving Quetzel Trekkers and am going to stay "on the trail" until March. My visa expires on March 22nd and I will have to weigh the cost/benefits of renewing it for another month.
I will have some free time so I am going to explore Nicaragua a bit more. Somoto CanyonLittle Corn Island, Ometepe and San Juan Del Sur plus San Christobal, Telica and Momotombo have my name on them.

This week was a busy week. A couple of trips up Cerro Negro, a 2 day trek up El-Hoyo and a New Years Eve pub crawl. I even managed to stay up until 1:30 am.  The hikes are trimming the fat, the legs stronger and the endurance is improving. Climbing volcanoes 4 times a week, sometimes with a 40lb pack for 4 hours is better than any gym membership.

Ultimately 2016 will be a year of planning, teaching, trekking, traveling, exploring, wandering, discovering and getting my head wrapped around all the freaking English verb tenses and how they are used. Then top that joyful experience by banging my head with grammar knowledge. 

As for financial goals. I don't have any. It does not cost anything to be a decent person so I will continue to try and improve on that. In 2016, if I can not be positive I will be quiet!

I hope to see you on the trails and in the pubs along the way during 2016.

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