Saturday, October 19, 2013

432 km - Kenora to Brandon Manitoba

"There have been BEAR sightings around the parking lot and the pool area. When leaving the hotel please be cautious." That my friends is what I woke up to read on the paper slipped under my door through the night. The same message was posted on the door leaving the hotel. Good thing the bear was smiling and friendly in the picture otherwise I might have been nervous.

One final thought about Kenora. I have worn the same clothes for 4 days in a row and I was still the best dressed guy in Kenora. I am sure the fishing and hunting are excellent but if I ever drive across country again you can be sure I will take the bypass. Do you think a couple named Ken and Nora ever made the road trip to Kenora?

Well Manitoba is just a short drive. Interesting note. Gas on the Ontario North West side of the border is $1.35. Gas 3km away on the Manitoba North East side is 1.15. Kathleen Wynne you have some "splaining" to do.

Its funny how quickly the transports go from hauling lumber to hauling bales of hay. I stopped for lunch at a small diner and it took no time to realize I had left the tough hard people of northern Ontario and am now sitting amongst the hearty friendly farmers of Manitoba. There is a calmer feel to the people of Manitoba not the intense rigidity of Ontario's north

Actual conversation from the table next to me. This old guy, must have been early 70s was ordering breakfast. "I will have the 3 egg omelet but I would like egg whites only, I am trying to eat better and take care of myself....and can I have double bacon, I am starved"

Thankfully the Trans Canada bypasses Winnipeg. About 10km east of Winnipeg There is a sign on the Trans-Canada Highway at 96°48'35"W proclaiming it the longitudinal center of Canada in case that interests you.  The one thing I did notice when I got out to take this picture...the wind. Holy man. There is nothing to block it path or change its direction. It was not blowing hard, but it was blowing hard if you get what I mean. It was also a coooooold wind from the north. The woman at the desk of the hotel in Brandon said its not uncommon for the temperature to hit - 50c with the wind in the dead of winter.

Another observation of life on the remote parts of the Trans Canada. There are small hotels in every town and of course in the larger centres. Every hotel is clean with fridge and microwave cable and wife, and they are reasonably priced, about $60. The thing is, they are usually full. I have been lucky and have only been denied once. Anyways there are no tourist to speak of but then it hit me. There is road construction all along the Trans Canada and these workers need to stay somewhere. Also I found out that most towns have a mill of some kind and each of these hire large groups of temporary workers, and finally the Oil and gas guys (yes even in Ontario) are out in force. I was to find out that all the hotel rooms in Virden have been booked since September with the Pipeline workers of southern Manitoba.

Interesting times....

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