Friday, October 18, 2013

485 km Sault Ste Marie to Terrace Bay

Well that wasn't awful. $205 to replace a caliper and I was back on the road, and it was done by 10:30.  I was going to see if I could push on to Thunder Bay, if not no worries.

This was a great drive. Long hilly winding roads with Lake Superior on my left and a speed never going over 90k/h. The views were amazing and I stopped often. I pulled into Alona Bay and gave thanks for the good luck I had there, something I learned from the Peruvian Natives in the Andean highlands. Alona Bay, a mystical place for me indeed.

I had a thought as you do when you are driving alone for hundreds of kilometres at a stretch. Looking at the last of the leaves hanging onto both their tenuous perch and autumn colours I thought "why do we ignore natures beauty when  its alive, but stand in awe at them when they are dying". Case in point the mighty Canadian Maple. A spectacular variety of designs that most of us never think twice about when we see them in solid summer greens full of life. However, come fall when they are showing off their dying colours we stand in awe and wonder.
Second, how often do we actually stare at the stars in the sky, I mean lay down and stare at them. We glance "hey the big dipper" and say "wow lots of stars tonight". Full of life and they bore us but a shooting star which is a dying star captures all our imaginations and wonder. Can you think of any more? I know I will write an entire post dedicated to this thought but for now, on to Wawa.

A few Fun Facts on this legs of the journey

The mighty Canadian Goose of Wawa. A monument dedicated to the opening of the last link of the Lake Superior section of the Trans Canada Highway in 1960. I love this stuff.

Everyone who knew that Winnie the Pooh was Canadian put your hand up. Now keep your hand up if you that it was thought of or created in White River Ontario. Now keep your hand up if you know where White River Ontario is. If you still have your hand up put it down for gosh sakes.

I was passing through Terrace Bay and it started to rain. I was tired so that was enough for the day.  Man is Ontario ever a large province.

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