Saturday, October 19, 2013

501 km - Brandon to Regina via Virden, Carslie and Weyburn

Today I start applying for jobs. What started with high energy ended with exhaustion. My crime? Not paying attention to distances that needed to be traveled from town to town.

It was excited. I was off to Virden and once I left Brandon the pump jacks appeared and multiplied as I headed inland. In Virden I stopped at Precision Well Servicing where the lady explained the role of the entry level floor hand and we went through the testing. I let my imagination get the better of me and thought, "wow first place I am going to get a job". Just then she said they were not hiring. I did not get mad for her wasting my time as she was courteous and took time for me. Something learned. Next was Tundra service who took my resume and said to call the HR manager and she would return my call. Its Friday so I will call Monday. A positive start.

Next up, Carlisle Saskatchewan. Wow Talk about the end of the world. Oil was discovered here in 1954 and it shows. Farming and Oil, that is what this town of 1450 is all about. Rows of Oil company field offices and Oil and Gas support companies. However, as I said this is nowheresville. Anyway, I stopped at Enbridge who had just posted a job in the paper. They took my resume and flagged it and the woman said call next week. She then directed me to a few other companies in the area. The are in dire need of HVac drivers (as is the industry) so tops on my list is getting my AZ license. There was about 6 hotels on the strip and not many houses, this reminded me of Corner Gas. Life imitating art that's for sure.

Next up, Weyburn. I did not think this out as Weyburn was far and I had already driven and stopped a few time. Same routine in Weyburn but this was a town as far as towns go. There was a long train going through the heart of the town and traffic was backed up. I just saw patient knowing faces as I passed the long row of cars.

This was more stressful then I had imagined. Just the anticipation of cold calling looking for work but the drives in between and the fact I did not eat all day had me shaking a bit, and I was going down the cosmic bunny hole of negative thinking. "What the fu** was I doing"

THANK GOD FOR BAMA!!!!! "stop, go find a room. Have a cold beer and a good meal. Get some sleep and start again tomorrow. What a girl! Its so incredibly difficult for her right now with me being away, but what does she do? She supports me and gets me off the ledge. Regina was just an hour away. 

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