Thursday, December 15, 2011

Adios Chile, Gracias Por Todo

Dear Chile

We had never met before November but I had read and heard alot about you. After spending time with your neighbours to the north you have proven yourself more than a strong competitor. You did however beat the hell out of my travel budget but you knew it was all worth it, you sly dog.

Your infrastructure is modern, efficient and I can drink the water from the taps and the streams. The plastic money was colourful but man way to many coins. The 1 and 5 coin..really? However you have to do something about this obsession with Nescafe. I mean seriously dude, you are friends with some of the best coffee producing countries in the world. You have lots of fruit and wine. Make it happen. I have learned alot of your history and your Navy has kicked some serious butt over the years. You have had a few leaders that took away some of your shine but its coming back stronger then ever. Keep it up.

I loved all your towns but Copiapo was a little mean to me. I forgive you for that one. Santiago, ah Santiago. The Bella Vista neighbourhood will always be in my liver, I mean my heart. Sunsets across the Atacama, the sun not setting until almost 11 pm in Pto. Natalies, Volcanos, Mountains, wind swept valleys, beautiful rivers, street dogs that are quiet at night and a limited rooster population will keep people coming over and over.

So Chile, I dont know if I will ever return because the world has so many great places to visit. Thanks for a journey that was beyond my wildest expections. The thing is there is so much more of you to experience that you will want me to come back. Your tricky and sexy like that.

I am going to visit your neighbour and good friend Argentina starting in Ushuaia. Yes I know, they milk that "southern most city in the world" for all its worth don't they. I can not imagine that her region in Patagonia is as majestic as yours however there was that view from Villaricca that has me wondering. I have also heard rumors about both the wine and steak in Argentina. What can you tell me before I go? Another rumour is Buenos Aires. First its got that cool moniker BA. It is also the most diverse modern and cultured captial in South America. Hey dont shoot the messenger. Don't worry, we will always have Bella Vista and that Sunday in Californias watching the football. However the Bills did get blown out by Dallas that day.

Thanks again Chile. I will tell everyone about all the wonderful things you have to offer, but there is always going to be Nescafe.

- I have travelled the 3855 km from Arica to Punto Arenas in just over 6 weeks.
- There have been 6 national parks and 15 cities
- There was that unforgettable 4 day boat ride through the fiords of Patagonia.
- I learned how to spell Patagonia (its not Pantagonia).
- I learned how to spell Torres Del Paine (Its not Torre del Pine)
- The litre boxes litres red wine rocked but was told if I keep drinking Gato Negro I would shorten my life.
- I met people from to many countries to count
- I learned that an apple every 3 days does not count as eating healthy.
- Mountains, Volcanos and Ice blue glaciers will never be boring
- The fun of sliding down an active snow covered volcano on my butt needs no explantion
- Penguins, Dolphins, Sea Lions, Minke Whales, Condors, Guanacos, Llamas, Pelicans, Black Headed Swans, Green Parrots, Red Breasted Woodpeckers and a variety of other bird life all captured my attention
- Whats up with all the Germans?
- Great fruit especially the cherries. My timing was right on that one.
- Bilz soda is not of this world
- Chile is the country, Chili is the food
- The Mapuche Indians of Chile are historically the fiercest warriors in all the Americas

Adios Chile, Gracias Por Todo

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Jaron said...

A great post.
A great country.
¡Viva Chile Mierda!