Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Puerto Varas

How did I start my day in Puerto Varas you ask?. I just had a nice lunch of chicken, rice and veggies and finished it off with a double espresso. Not thinking I then went to the shop and washed everything down with a pretty good size bottle of pepsi. I have not been this buzzed out since high school. Good times!

Puerto Varas sits on Lake Llanquihue, the second largest lake in Chile with outstanding views of the snow capped volcanoes Osorno and Calbuco across the lake (LP). I never get bored of these views. I am going to try and find a guide to take me to Orsono as she spits lava when she is pissed off, which is daily. This town is an up and comer but not as busy as Pucon. Its only 20 minute to Puerto Montt where I will be catching the Navimag on the 9th.
As exciting as a new town is today its laundry day, I can not put it off any longer. Holy cow my stuff stinks. (how sexy am I now Bama?) When your on the road for an extended time you always "wonder does this happen?" Secretly we all know but never admit it. Its the sniff test and you all know what I am talking about. Our sense of smell does becomes desensitized over time and what might seem a bit pungent once is now shrugged off with "thats no so bad, another couple days". As for socks, its just best to throw them away and buy new when ever you can. Sometimes the big challange is finding cotton sock which means you are stuck with nylon or rayon. How do you think they fare after a long trek or just a day walking around town?
A few random thoughts from the road....
Chile is known for its wine and its fruit. It is still cherry season and they are getting sweeter. I have a kilo sitting about 4 feet away from me. I know they are hiding in that bag shaking with cherry fear knowing thier doomed fate. Peaches are starting and are crazy sweet. Apples are consistantly good, bananas not as good as the northern countries, cherimoyas are soft but sweet and I have been spoiled with pineapples throughout central america, they are lacking down here. Veggies are good but after the market in Otavalo everything seems smaller and expensive except for onions. For whatever reason they are huge and sweet. Carmelize these puppies and put them over steak or chicken, add some veggies and a few potatoes and you are off to the races.
I have been doing a decent amount of cooking while in Chile. Primarily its cost effective but I like cooking and food is always healthier when you prep it yourself. Most places have good kitchen facilities and there is always a market or grocery store close by. The challange with countries like Ecuador, Panama and Peru is you can get a meal of soup, chicken, fries and coke for about $2. Not that healthy but if you toss a big bag of Starburst into the mix you do get your fruit quota for the day.

** late update. Its 9:30 pm, and I had lunch at 12:30 am. I am just coming down!!

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Can't be THAT stinky....we can't smell you from here! lol