Thursday, December 8, 2011

Puerto Varas: Thats a Wrap

This was three very low key 3 days and nights. I had thought I was going to hit the German beer pretty hard while I was here but that just never happened. I just settled into a mellow albiet somewhat boring routine for the last 3 days.
**I just used albiet in a sentence for the first time in my life and I dont think I know what it means, sorry albiet that**
This town just chills you out right from the start. Crystal clear lake, snow capped volcanoes that are postcard perfect, long easy trails winding around everything and clear sunny days.

Random thought of the day, Banking Fees. I am getting hammered with international banking fees! I get charged $3 per withdrawl from Presidents Choice, I knew that going in. However in Chile I am also getting dinged 3000 pesos or $6 each time I take money out, thats 9 freaking dollars! Naturally I take out my max allowed, $500 whenever I do take money out. I have a solution that will ease the pain as we can either bitch about it or change it right? HSBC has banks worldwide and a new service called HSBC exPat. Its exactly what it sounds like. An account for people living and travelling overseas and if you use an HSBC branch there are no fees. Pretty damn smart HSBC, you have my attention. This would also allow me to have a bank to use if I was to work while I am on the road which I plan on doing for phase two of this journey.

I did have grand plans of climbing volcan Osorno but each morning I would up with a yawn and a "meh". The challange, if you call it that is the Pto. Varas is an up and coming town. When it comes to tour and guiding outfites its probably where Pucon was 20 years ago. There are a few but they dont have as much experience as you would like. I am sure the ones that LP say are good are, but when it does not feel right, dont do it. They are also kind of expensive, almost twice the price of a trip in Pucon. I am going to spend alot of money on this trip, thats a given but sometimes you still need to be smart about it. No worris, I will have more National Parks, Volcanos and trails to attack through Pantagonia in both Chile and Argentina. Then comes Uruguay, Paraguay and Boliva when a dollar goes a very long way.

In the morning I am off to Pto. Montt. I will grab one of the many micro buses trolling the streets here for about $2. Ptl Montt is where I will to my ship that will take me through the fiords and inlets of Pantagona. I will be dark for 4 days but I will log everything I see and do, sober and not so sober to share with everyone.  See you on the 12th.

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