Monday, December 5, 2011

A Quiet Day in Osorno - Its Torrent Time

Its quiet! I have a room to myself and its blissfully quiet. No backpacks, no zippers or the crinkling of plastic bags. I do not hear any dogs, roosters or screaming kids. There is nobody else at this hostel, the Hostel Vermont. Osorno is not a high value place to stop and its still off season so I am the lucky boy today. I was going to go straight to Puerto Varas but I spend 3 days there starting tomorrow. For now its all about some down time, that and shaking off the scotch from last night. I met some Aussies in Valdivia who will be on the Navimag with me on Dec 9th. Good times are going to be had. I have good internet, a grocery store that is close and a book that I have been to lazy to get back to reading. However, the WiFi here is strong, there is a cool breeze blowing into the room and I am in a downloading kind of mood.

First up The Ides of March. Ryan Gosling, Paul Giamatti and George Clooney. The trailer looked go so is in the que. I will see was is new with AXXO and of course The Pirate Bay. I definately need some new music, who knows what direction I will go with that. I started downloading the Full West Wing way back in Boquete Panama and I am only 25% of 56 GB. Tonight I will just let it run all night. I have seen every episode more than once but I dont care, I will watch all the seasons again. I finished watching all seasons of Entourage and Californication while on this trip. Good job with the final episode of Entourage and Californication is filming season 5. Hank Moody, a modern day tragic hero. A couple of other recommendations are  SportsNight which ran from 1998 - 2000 and Dead Like Me which ran in 2002 and 2003. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I know I should have a look at Dexter as well...Just thought about Dazed and Confused, putting that puppy in the cue.

I crossed into Chile on November 2nd and I cross into Argentina on Dec 18th. Chile has been great and there is still so much to see and do but I will be ready for a new country. I have done some preliminary research on Argentina and I am going to be hard pressed to not stay at least as long as I was here. After that comes Uruguay, Paraguay and Boliva. The thought of going to Bolivia excited the crap out of me. Down the road in early spring will be Colombia, Venezuela. That will give me 41 countries travelled and no less than 59 more to go. After Antartica I will have been to every continent.

I am using a FB app that shows the countries I have been to, its pretty cool. I am looking forward to included Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Boliva, Antartica, Colombia and Venezuela and enjoying all the experiences in between. Blue are countries I have been to and Green are places I am planning on going to. There are lots of little Islands in the Pacific that I hope to get to as well. Good Times!!

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