Monday, January 9, 2012


Wind, wind and more wind, that is Barlioche. Today has been exceptional though. Winds topping 40 knots, thats about 46 mph. What is a knot you say, well 1 knot = 1.15 mph
According to The UltraLight Place todays winds bring fresh gales, breaks twigs off trees and generally impedes progress. Yes sir powerful enough to make me wobble when I was out on the street proweling for lunch.
It must be normal because they monitor the wind at the hosteland this is a huge wind surf bay. With the lake lright outside the big bay windows it makes for a great view. The waves are good rollers with s a few white caps and the water is exceptionally blue, but compared to the Drake the waves here can only be described as cute.

I spent the three days here doing exactly as planned. Sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating, drinking then sleeping some more. It has worked because this chest cold is breaking. There are some great hikes here and usually its weather be damned. Honestly it can be a good challange with the weather sometimes, however its time to rest.

This gorgeous place my home away from home while in Bariloche. No not the white van you fools, WilKenny Irish Pub. Will Kenny come to the pub, yes sir he will. The Quellmes draft is good and they had the NFL playoffs on. What better place to be when your feeling sick than an Irish pub!
I also made a point of eating properly here and found a few impressive places. The first was Le Fonda Del Tio a local favourite.  From LP. You won't find student crowds or primped ski bunnies at this modest local favorite, which whips out massive portions of hearty food for a very local crowd. A must if you're on a budget or feeling tired of the tourist scene.

The food is home made and beyond good. Today I had gnocci bolonaise and a huge salad. Yesterday ravioli. My body was craving pasta and it did not disappoint. I also drank grapefruit juice for whatever reason. Pepsi you will not defeat me. Tonight I am going to "Steak Out" at El Boleche De Alberto
Speaking of food, well to use that term very loosely I have not seen a fast food chain for almost 2 months until today. I smelt the smell before I saw anything. That disgusting yet familiar and comforting smell. Then as I turned the corner they they were like beacons of obesity just calling my name. The golden arches. I stopped, stared and was almost compelled to go in and I was not even hungry. Maybe tomorrow.

Finally, for what ever reason this town is know for its chocolate. For me chocolate is Snickers, Hershey and Turtles but I am a heathen at my core. Today I got a lesson as to why woman tend to choose chocolate over us men and honestly its not a fair fight. I have met the enemy and it was delicious. (For the record I can kick chocolates ass, any place and any time)

I also finally got off my butt and bought some flip flops. I am tired of being without sandels of any kind since since I left mine in a hostel somewhere in Chile and I hate wearing socks. You Aussies will be proud I have a new pair of Havaianas and they are comfy.

So a pretty uneventful time in Beriloche. This is a hot spot on the back packers circuit but then again so is everywhere that I have been stopping in Chile and Argentina. I need to get off the Gringo trail for a while. Talking to a few people they actually feel the same however they also feel compelled to keep on the trail for fear of missing something. After Mendoza I am going to just pick a few small towns on the map and find my way there. Change it up a bit while a work my way to Buenas Aires.

As Jackson Brown boldly states in his song The Load Out:.
We've got to drive all night and do a show in Chicago Or Detroit, I don't know
We do so many shows in a row
And these towns all look the same

Its when these towns all start to look the same that its time to do something different. Three days in Mendoza drinking wine should take care of that. I also find that Argentina does not have that South American edge to it that I was expecting. Every guide book says it should be placed in the middle of Europe and they are not far off. It is safe, clean and fun. Don't get me wrong at any level, this is Argentina. Home of Red Wine, Great Steak and crazed foot ball fans. I am loving it. However after so much time in the comforts of Chile, Antarctica and now Argentina I think I am craving something just a little edgier. Uruguay will be a good start in a couple weeks, then Paraguay then Boliva. Ah Boliva, there is something about Boliva that captures my imagination.

** Late night update. This hostel just had a mini rave. A bad band (lead, bass and kit) did bad covers real loud for a couple hours in a very small room. It was awesome!

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