Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Posadas Adventure

Unlike the great Irvin Allan adventure flick Posadas is not turned upside down but everyone is gone, including the captain. Yes another subtle reminder that I am in the North and its the off season. Just look at the crowds on the boardwalk.  And its hot, I mean Africa hot. Four litres of water a day hot.

I was going to go to the Jesuit Ruins at San Ignacio but my timing is off. I will head to Iguazu for a couple days and stop at San Ignacio on the way back. Both places are going to be cool.

After battling the crowds along the boardwalk I was hungry. Now the next challenge in this day is how do I find a spot to sit in any of the cafes along the strip. I mean I was famished. As anyone who knows me can tell you the one thing I rarely will do is wait in a line at a restaurant. I freaking hate it. Well I was not having none of that today, someone was giving up their seat to the tourist. Who by the way was the only tourist in town.

As I walked past each cafe there were many "what the hell is he doing here" looks from the locals. I ignored them and pushed through a large crowds who were getting a bit unruly. I found a table right on the main street. How lucky can a guy get, seriously.

Every town I mean every town has a town square and most town squares have a church. Nothing can compare to the beautiful cathedral of Leon, Nicaragua but this little church had its charms.
It took me some time to get the crowds to disperse and have all the vendors move their carts but everyone eventually co operated and I got the shot. Did I mention this town was freaking hot!

Well Posadas is not with out it charms. A nice square, long clean waterfront, a great view on Paraguay and the jump off  point for the Jesuit Ruins of St. Ignacio. It was worth the two days.

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