Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm Sorry Sir, Montevideo Is Closed

OK Montevideo I understand you are not BA and pride yourself on being chill and laid back but this is taking it a bit to far. This is Saturday and most places are closed, even in the tourist walking mall. What is up with that. I understand Sunday. Everything in Latin America is closed on Sunday and it can seriously be challenging to find food but Saturday in the capital. Come on, lets get some game! Exploring was good and you have some cool buildings, parks, fountains and statures but I have seen it all before. Bring something to the table!

Wow, that was kind of harsh! There are options when things area slow but the first thing you do is, come on you know what it is...find a bar! Pilsen is 100 pesos, about $5 a bottle but the bottle is a litre and a half. That always takes the pain away.

Just before Antarctica I broke another pair of sun glasses. I think that made 6 pairs lost or broken. I borrowed a pair from Wolfgang on the trip but have gone without since. I could not find a cheap street pair in Argentina and I was just to lazy to put the effort in at times. Well it all changed today. Look at these new puppies.

Ray Ban my favourite. Now the guy on the street who had a whole shit load of styles laid out on the table assured me that these were not knock offs, they were real ray bans. To prove it and because he liked me he would give them to me for $250 Ur. Pesos, about $12.00. Wow, real ray bans for $12. This guy had nothing but my best interests in mind. I jumped at it and gave him a $500 peso note. I got my change and off I went. Real ray bans for $12.  He would not mislead me would he? They are great, look good and I am sure I will lose or break them before the month is out. I went to MacDonald's for a coffee and when I counted my changed I noticed that my street buddy short changed me about 50 pesos. He would not do that on purpose, an honest mistake. A street vendor would not lie to me and rip me off would he?

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