Monday, January 23, 2012


I am in a Colonial town called Colonia. It takes some long round table discussion to come up with a creative name like that. Well done Uruguay, well done. The town is actually Colonia del Sacaramento but its fun to make fun.

I have no issue when people rave about a place. I mean its all subjective right? Well Colonia gets all kinds of rants and raves in the travel guides, and some of the feedback I have gotten from people is the place is amazing. Maybe because I have seem most of the major "colonial towns" through Central and South America so I am a bit jaded. This place is nice and has some charms but it really is no more than a day trip or an overnighter.

I arrived here after an uneventful 3 hour bus ride from Montevideo. I am back to buses being reasonably cheap again. $10 for this journey.

Yesterday being Sunday was all about Football. 8 hours of TV bliss. The hostel had the games on so 7 of us circled around a 21 inch TV and had a great time. The beer was cold, the hostel owner cooked streaks and pork and just tossed it on the table in front of us. Just eat we did. Like a pack of wolverines!

Good games but Lee Evans, come on. You make that catch and Joe Flacco has a legacy. You drop it and he is just another quarterback that can not win the big one. As for Billy Cundiff pulling a Norwood. Good luck next year you poor sucker. This pro bowl season for you means zero now...hey just like Norwood in 91.
** After the 1991 season, the Bills waived Norwood after signing Steve Christie, formerly of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Norwood became recluse in his native Fairfax County, Virginia, and later became an insurance salesman and real estate agent**

Tomorrow is all about scooters! For whatever reason this is a big scooter rental town, that and golf carts. Now I love a good golf cart and the thought of bombing around it one is awesome but that needs more than one person. A scooter, well having someone on the back holding on tight is always great riding solo is not as silly looking as solo on a golf cart. However these are tricked out Golf carts, pictures in the next post. And scooter is just another fun word to say.

So it will be an all day scooter ride in and around the area. I have not rented one since Roatan, Honduras. After tomorrow I am going to hit the road again. I honestly don't know where to go and what to do. A first for me.

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