Saturday, January 28, 2012

Remember Salto Is No Good For You

Just as salt is no good for your diet Salto Uruguay is no good for your itinerary. Seriously, here it is 2 days after leaving and I honestly blanked out. I could not remember where I stayed or what I did for about a minute...oh yeah thats age and not a Salto being boring thing.

I had sent a few room and be requests to various hostels but I did not hear anything back which is unusual in itself. So I had the girls at the hostel in Colonia book me a room at a hotel for 2 nights. They did tell me, and I did not believe them that most of the hostels were closed because it was to hot. Yes it was to hot!  This is the off season in the north of Uruguay (Folks in Niagara Falls can appreciate a slow off season). Salto is home to thermal pools, which I found out were just that. Concrete pools with the water heated up. *yawn*. Every posting said to skip them so no worries.

Well not only were alot of the hostels and hotels closed but so was much of the town. I have had zero luck with you Uruguay. A walkabout town is always a great way to spend some time so off I went.
Lots of nice old colonial buildings which I can never tire of. It looks like many are in the process of being restored and look great. I took my map that the hotel game me and tossed it into the garbage. I am getting to reliant on maps. It was time to re-hone the senses. It worked, I got lost, what a hero.

The town is a grid, like most towns and cities but I someone got turned around. When it doubt always go back to the river and start again. I had to use the river because my other trick of finding the highest landmark or something that stands out was impossible. I swear I was the tallest thing in this town.

From Salto its good bye Uruguay and back to Argentina. That is Argentina on the right, across the Uruguay river.

I have about 2000 Uruguay pesos I need to exchange, about $100 which can do that In Posadas or Iguazu, but for now its time to keep moving North. I have my bus booked to Concordia Argentina tomorrow then its a short 8 hour hop up to Posadas from where I can look across the Parana river and have my first look at Encarnación, Paraguay.

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