Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Iguazu Falls

Upon seeing Iguazu, the United States' First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly exclaimed "Poor Niagara! Screw you Eleanor!
Iguazu Falls lies on the border of Argentina and Brazil and it is a major stop on the Gringo Trail. There are lots of arguments about which side looks better. I found the Argentine side was pretty spectacular.
The park itself is layed out really well and for being the main and if not only reason to come to Puerto Iguazu it is not over the top tacky touristy. Which it could so easily be.

Now for the one and thing that is starting to stick in my spleen. Gringo pricing. You know it, you love it but you get tired of it. Today it is brought to you by Iguazu National Park. Entrance to the park, Argentinians 40 Pesos, Gringos $100 peso. The sign does not actually say Gringo but I may as well. So you smile, try and make a little joke that you are Argentinian and pay your entrance fee.

I do not know the specifics of the main falls, the Devils Hole but Wiki has some great information on the park. There are also some pretty spectacular photos.

How do you get there, funny you should ask. Upon arrival and paying your Freaking Gringo Fee, you enter a nicely laid out staging area. A few shops and stores nothing crazy. You then walk to the train, yes sir you take a train. It is like any carnival train but it holds about 200 people. You jump on board and a 15 to 20 minutes ride through some lush parkland you get to the end of the line and The Devils Hole..bum bum bummm

Spectacular enough and standing in the mist to ward off the blazing sun I was surrounded by so many people saying..ohhh its just like Niagara. No its not you bone heads! Its nothing like Niagara. Well there is water flowing over a rocky cliff but that just about where the comparisons end.

There were great walking trails that led to other vantage points with to many photo ops. I have learned to try and keep it to a minimum now.  I have begun to  experimented with removing the colour and changing the layout from some of my photos. I really like the results. One day I will blow a few up and put them in the bedroom.

To change it up there was a nice wooded trail that led to a small falls and a swimming hole. To get there you are told that there are snakes that may appear on the trail. Nothing is more reassuring then a sign showing that they are friendly and smiling.
Yes, for the second time on this trip a large snake owned my ass. It crossed in front of me maybe 5 metres away. Far enough that I was not in any danger but close enough that turning around and running away like a 10 year old girl was an option.
Iguazu has recharged me for the final leg of my journey.

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