Thursday, October 31, 2013

810 km Red Deer Alberta to Fort St. John BC

Well hello British Columbia, I never thought I would see you on this trip. Goes to show you that anything can and will happen. I have not gone 4700 km and now when I turn off the engine I swear I hear my truck go "holy man, thank god dude". To put that into perspective, Port Dalhousie, to Fort Lauderdale is 2250 km. This is Florida and back my friends.

Red Deer was good and there were lots of opportunities however I received a call from Fraction Energy Services in Fort St. John British Columbia that was to interesting not to explore. So I packed up the truck and off I went. I passed through Nisku and Edmonton where there are jobs a plenty, then on to Grande Prairie and I will say it again. THERE IS WORK HERE IF YOU GET OFF YOU BUTT. I am like you, I thought sure there is work out west but is it really all they say it is and lots of jobs. The answer is think of a number an multiply it by 100, or 1000 and you might scratch the surface. Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta were busy but now I sit in Fort St John and this town puts the BOOM in oil boom. Now add to that all the road construction, building construction and the icing on the cake. A new dam is being built on the Peace River that is an 8 year project. They are begging for guys here.

On the drive I passed through Mayerthorpe and made a quick stop at the Fallen Four Memorial  As with all tragedies you watch it on the news or read about it online but it becomes very real when you visit the site  I also passed through Dawson Creek (no not Dawson's Creek)  which is Mile 0 of the Alaskan Highway. The start of the Alaskan highway, good lord.

Well I walked into the Fraction Offices for what I thought was my interview and it turned out it was my orientation. They hired me on the spot!! I went through a full day orientation and training. I received new tickets including Transportation of Dangerous Goods, WHIMS, Bear Alert, plus company specific tickets that allows me to be outsourced to the big players like Suncor, PetroCan, Husky and Halliburton.

I will be a Water Tech 3, basically entry level position to learn the trade. I was told that my history in management and leadership will play a big role in advancing my career here. Now I need to learn the trade, easy peasy. Its all about opportunity and making it happen.

I have a plan and I am going to make it happen.

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nancy said...

you are one amazing man. You want it, you go for it.
Congratulations Ken