Sunday, November 27, 2011

Everybody Needs A SPA Day

Just a short 5 km walk from Hostel Siuzandia is the town of Malalcahuello and the Termas Malalcahuello. I have done the walk a few times already to stretch my legs or get supplies. There is a wood factory near the entrance of the hostel, but across the road. When you walk past the factory you are greeting by 5 very large, angry and raging Rotties. Holy Crapola. A very quick but thorough scan of the fence shows its high enough and there are no holes and another scan for climbable trees JUST IN CASE. I mean these dogs are going ballistic to the point that if you stop and look at them its all over. I think they were on the verge of animal spontanious combustion. I did not take any photos because as devil dogs they can not be photographed.

Also in Malacahuello, as everhwhere in Volcano land there are thermal pools. My legs and body were still a bit sore after my hike so this was a grand plan. The walk along the highway to the town was as nice as ever. Snow capped volcanos, emerald green forests and very few cars. Somewhere in the distance I heard a rooster and the hair on my arms stood up. Walking through the town I stopped at the minimart and having been there a few times I was now greeted with big smiles. The woman literally put a bottle of pepsi on the counter and said Hola Canada. A 10 minute walk took me through the town and along a quiet stretch of road. The sign said 1 km.

As a person who walks alot I am usually 5 km per hour. So 20 minutes should get me there. I cross a fast moving very clear river and up a hill. No hotsprings. After 30 more minutes I see building in the distance. The area is beautiful and its sunny and warm so no worries. Another 20 minutes and the end of the road. There it is in all its glory. A huge hotel, manicured gardens, fish ponds (We do we all stop and look at fish in fish ponds?). The thermal house was around the side and suffice it to say a new "over the top" experience for me on this trip. I paid my "over the top" admission fee and sauntered in. This was going to be interesting.

The pools had the familiar sulfur smell and I learned that the water was pumped from the nearby hotspring. The sign on the wall told me the temperature was a soothing 43C. I had the place to my self so in I went. all systems go. I laid back in these theraputic lounge chairs for what could be described as an over extended period of time. I moved to other areas of the pool and messaged my back, legs, feet and finally my neck. It was bliss when suddenly there was  noise to my left. In walked an elderly couple speaking German. It was all ok until they took off thier robes and revealed thier elderly bodies in snug fitting bathing suits. Why do European dudes insist on wearing banana hammocks?

I retreated to a little corner of my personal heaven, put on my ipod and stared out the window at the crazy view. Trust me when I say, these and my other experiences would be so much better shared with someone (thats whey I write these stories). That will not prevent me from getting out there and trying these things.
The webbernet and FB are filled with expressions of  "wisdom". I do like "You should travel alone because getting lost is a great way to find out who you really are".  I dont know what the fu** it means but I like it.
Finally I have a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder that needs surgery.  I am planning on stopping in Cuba to get it done. I have had it for almost a year but find it is healing naturally which I read it can do but takes 2 years and I will have limited mobility, whatever. The reason I say this is my ability to execise has been limited by that and, well sheer laziness lets be honest.
That being said I did walk past a full lenght mirror today while changing. My body is taking on a nice pear shape and any muscle definition is now a thing of the past. Shirt on at all times while in public!

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