Thursday, November 10, 2011

No Rapa Nui For Me

Not on this trip anyways. I was looking for a flight for early next week but forgot this is busy season south of the Ecuator. Flights are in the $2200 range and off season they are $600 so its off season for me. Leg number 2 of this journey is going to take me back to Canada for a short time in May then off to Asia via New Zealand.  Coming back this way using Spirit Air out of Buffalo is a great option. Then to Easter Island, Tahiti, New Caledonia and New Zealand. I might find a way to get to Pitcairn Island as well (Home of the boys from Mutiny on the Bounty) and a few of the other Pacific Island. None the less. The $$$ I was going to spend on Easter Island now goes to the fine folks living in  the Pantagonia region and I can take my time going through there. Disappointing? Sure a bit, but this journey is all about options and adaptation. Pantagonia is a great alternative. The boys of Rapa Nui are not going anywhere.

Today I wandered down to the beaches near here, a nice 30 minute walk. The entire beach area is huge and there is development everywhere, its taking shape. There were not alot of people on the beach, it being a Thursday but those that were there, Nobody was in the water.
** I did learn a new word today, apta. It was on all the signs near the beach and mean fit or able. Red flag means its not fit to swim, green is fit to swim or you are able to swim.**

However this was a green flag day and nobody was in the water. I did read there are serious rip tides that are constant but what gives. Screw it, off I went with the standard runnig down to the water and just dive right in. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD the water was cold and I mean but clenching cold. If I had a piece of coal up my ass you could have pulled out a diamond. Now wonder nobody was swimming.
So lets review, great beaches with large construction projects all up and down the coast and an ocean that is full of rip tides and the water is ice cold thus nobody swimming. So this is all about the Tans and the Sun Sets

Your beaches do have one historical  thing going for it, a majestic old lighthouse.... that does not work. Well done! It is a great gathering place for the street dogs. The cut little one in the picture actually came at me yapping and growling so I did what you do. I picked up a rock and it stopped cold. The craftly little bugger then went around the lighthouse and came at me from the other side. He yelped pretty loud when I tossed an empty Corona bottle and hit him right of the stray dog noggin. Life is hard for the animals in Latin America.

I am going to bolt to Santiago and Valparasio. I need a little nightlife and loud music for a week, then head off into Pantagonia. This was a nice stop ever but this country goes on forever, I need to get some miles behind me.

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