Sunday, November 20, 2011

Walking Tour of Santiago

My final day in Santiago and it was time to learn a little about the city and its history. This was a free 4hour walking tour (you tipped the guide at the end). Here are various highlights.
Tomorrow I am heading south to Temuco, the heart of Mapuche territory. The Mapuche are/were arguably the fierciest native warriors in all of the Americas. I am not going to go visit any of thier villages but I am going to dive right into any museums and historical literature I can get my hands on.

This building is the tallest in Chile, and was built by the
telecommunications company Telefonica to look just like a
huge cell phone
Cathedral de Santiago in the Plaza de Armas

Royal Palace. Top middle window is where Pinochet
gave his speaches tot he masses
Interesting drink, Mote Con Huesillo
A sweet nectar poured over cooked grains and peaches

Cerro Santa Lucia near Bella Vista
I am not going to be in a major city again until I hit Buenos Aires in late January. I like the transition of small town, large city then getting into the back country. I am going to stop early in the new year and find a school for a couple of weeks, possibly Mendoza but more probably Sucre Boliva as it will be very cost effective there. After the lake district and all its good German food its Pantegonia and the crazy mountains and fiords of Southern Chile

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