Monday, November 7, 2011

I Saw A Few Clouds Today

Yes siree, I saw not one but two bunches of clouds today. You think I am kidding when I say that is news. There we no less than 8 people standing in the town square pointing. Dont get me wrong, the long days of clear blue skys rock my world and I found myself with more then a passing interest in said cloud. I actually took the time to walk to a secluded part of town to get the best picture possible. I understand that you have to slow down and enjoy the moment but this is getting just plain silly. I need a city, a bar and loud music or sports, VERY SOON!

Just a lazy day planning and researching. I fell off the wagon and I am savoring a large bottle of Bilz soda with my dinner. I just might toss the food and go get more soda.
 I have my 7am bus ticket for Antofagasta which is about a 5 hour journey south west. As I have said the buses are nothing to sneeze at. Large, comfortable and crazy ass cheap. Its a crap ass port town and no reason to stay. I am going to continue due south to Copiapo. It is close to Parque Nacional Nevado Tres Cruces, Laguna Verde and Ojos del Salado the highest active volcano in the world...Yippeee.

When your travelling or on vacation you always come across a sign that makes no sense. The english is brutal, words are misspield or in this case the ultimate offer of changing species.
Now Spock was cool, after all he did get Uhura. I did not know becoming a Vulcan was as easy as coming to Chile. The ears alone would be cool enough to attract the girls.
There is a Vulcan Alberta so that is the first place you would have to move.
There is a M61Vulcan gatlin gun which is good for hunting deer?
Vulcan was the greek god of fire and smithery which if the Greeks dont start paying thier taxes and get thier act together thier entire country is going to be vulcanized.

So in honor of Spock here are a few Vulcan facts if you are thinking of making the change.
 - They live thier lives through reason and logic with no interfearence of emotions (Everyone insert your own personal joke about an ex here)
- They were the founding members of the United Federation of Planets (Yawn)
- They must  must have sexual contact with someone every 7 years, preferably their mate, or else face insanity and death (See above joke reference)
- Vulcans are 3 times as strong as humans
- Vulcans do not drink alcohol...................Being a Vulcan would suck!

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