Friday, November 4, 2011

Thats It !!

Something was not right. I could not put my finger on it but it was there, hovering over me like a condor over a dying deer. What was it? Then it hit me and its that fact I was not actually hit is when I figured it out. Drivers STOP at intersections in Chile. Seriously pull up and stop. No more live frogger, using locals as full backs or just taking a shot when the horns stop. I guess musical crosswalking. Last person across gets picked off.  Now in pedestrian friendly Chile I could pause waiting for the car to come to a stop (just in case) then proceed. In one instance I almost fell off the curb as the driver honked thier horn and wave me across. I am so confused right now that I am afraid to go outside?

Speaking of the honking of horns. In Peru it was a constant symphony of blaring horning and shouts. Taxi stops to pick someone up, lay on the horn and dont stop until the taxi moves along. Stop light (when used) turns green. The milisecond is changes all cars lay on those horns to get the front car to get going. Front car hit that horn to tell everyone else "ok, thanks. I was blinking and did not see the light change".

** quick update. I just returned from a quick run to the shop for a bottle of water. I need to get my car-radar back in gear. A 4x4 with a very focused middle aged woman just roared down the street and turned the corner in front of me at full speed. Soccer moms must be a universal thing. If I did not pause at the crosswalk (as I do in Canada) the condors would have had a feast.

The sun is shining, the beach is close and I have a new book. Off I go to work on my tan, read and just pass the day. I do get bored if I dont do much after a few days, but there are volcanoes, mountains and national parks aplenty to explore once I leave Arica. Legs beware.

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