Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cuenca: Afternoon beer is NEVER a bad thing

Jenny and Stuart are in Cuenca and we made a plan to meet at my favourite bar in Cuenca, INCAs. To that point, they have NFL on all day tomorrow so "I shall return" at noon (we are 1 hour behind EDT) to just stare at the TV. I dont care who is playing really.

Oddly enough as I was wandering looking for a place to get something to eat they they were, big smiles and all. We tried to get food but both times we stopped the restaurant said they were closed, but the doors were open and we sat down. It was around 1 so I think it was Siesta time but who knows. This is Ecuador, you just accept it and move on. And move on we did, right to Incas where we spent the afternoon just hanging out passing the time. (although most of the time was spent winding Jenny up about anything possible). I am going to go meet them at 7 (its 5 now) where we will continue to drink (them rum, me beer) on thier rooftop and see what happens after that.....back later

...Back and I had the oddest experience while I was going to update this post. The hostel has a quiet corner upstairs near my room (downstairs someone is always on MSN with that annoying audio that always plays when someone sends you a message). So here I sit after when 3 doors down I hear a couple sexing it up, and I mean she is loud!! So I go and get my Ipod and put in my ear buds. Who am I to bother young lovers. Anyways the buzzer at the front of the hotel rings and the door to the love shack opens. The young guy running the place runs past me with a shit eating grin on his face to answer the door. A few minutes later a Not so young, fairly heavy woman leaves the room. Head down, she sprints past me down the stairs and into the night. Well done kid! I am thinking. Now the odd part. The young kid comes backup stairs, (same shit eating grin) and goes back into the dirty room. Not a minute later he comes out again BUT he is carrying another guy who seems to be a paraplegic or has one of lifes numerous diseases where he can not walk. Past they go, down the stairs and again, into the night.

** My conclusion. Older woman was a hooker, young guy set it up for his buddy who could not walk and the two of them went to town on her. What a country this Ecuador!

After this odd situation off into the night I went, laughing and giggling to myself to meet Jenny and Stuart at thier hostel. We sat on thier rooftop patio, they drank rum and I of course drank my litres of Pilsner. It was fun just talking, laughing but mostly Stuart and I took the piss out of Jenny. She is a good sport. She was jumping to get out because she "wanted to stay out late", so we walked over the the coffee shop (I forget the name) and sat there a while. The streets were packed with young Saturday night partying Ecuadorians and to keep the peace, many many police and soldiers. It it a wide open plaza that you would find similar in any European city. We hung in there until almost midnight (whoohooo) then that was it. The big staying out late night was over.

Tomorrow is all day at INCA lounge watching football. Tonight its just a belly full of beer.

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