Monday, October 31, 2011

Rest, Eat, Sleep. Repeat

One of the things I have learned is to do what you body tells you to do, dont fight it. So with that being said the last 2 days have been eating, sleeping and getting lots of down time. The Colca trek took the piss out of me more than I thought. No worries though. My bed is comfy, I have my Ipod, Wifi and a decent book, The Reason Why - The story behind the Charge of the Light Brigade. It is completely irrelevant to being in South America but it was in the book swap here. When you add to the mix that the sun has been shining every day sitting on my deck overlooking Misti and Chachani just chilling and drinking what seems like a gallon of water ever day its been a few good down days.

Now there is one excpetion, my nemesis the Rooster. They are cool and quite beautiful when they go thier thing for an hour or so in the morning. This group of "soon to be soup" bastards start at 5 am and dont stop ALL day, seriously. It is 12 or 13 hours straight plus they dont have the amazing crow like a great rooster should. They sound like they are dying a slow death (see future soup). I think somewhere along the way I am going to have to get therapy, go to a hypnotist or buy a gun because I can't get past them, weird.

Anyways there is a regroup of GVI team members today. Looking forward to seeing Jenny and Stuart of course, plus Amy and Meghan. It will be good to meet up and close the loop on GVI before I head off to Chile on Tuesday or Wednesday. Ecuador and Peru have been good, lets see what Chile and Easter Island can bring to the table.

** 9 hours later**

Just got back from meeting everyone in the Plaza Del Armas, good fun. I wandering into town to grab a coffee and chill in the park just after 1:00. Not 5 minutes later Meghan walked by and when I called out her name I scared the crap out of her. Timing is everything because Amy wandered by not 10 minutes later. Time for a cold beer on a sunny day.
We connected with Jenny and Stuart  (thanks Facebook) and my simple coffee turned into midnight and the long dark walk back to the hostel. We are meeting tomorrow at 1:30. Jenny is going to get her tattoo, Amy maybe a nose piercing and then its finding costumes for holloween. This town is decked out and ready to go.

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