Sunday, October 16, 2011


The town of Trujillo jumps out at you pretty quickly after another 4 hours bus ride through the desert. Like any other country in Latin America the bus service is brilliant, although Peru takes it to the next level with double decker comfort. We left Chiclayo at 1:00 and cruised past desert towns like Chpen, Pacasmayo and Huanchaco, although the last one is more a beach town and we are going to go there tomorrow for a couple days....and just drink! (sorry mom)

Well Trujillo is a wealthy down according to the guidebooks and any of the past 3 Peruvian revolutions in the past 200 years have started here. Its has an edge but the Parque Central is the best I have seen in any country. There is a great walking mall and lots of good eats. The main street is one big outdoor market and if we wanted there were any assortment of protective devices to buy. Guns, yup right on the street, brass knuckles, any assortment of martial arts hardware, amazing knives and just when you get settled in a boy walks down the main street with his llama. It was awesome!!

Jenny and I took a tour to Huaca Del Sol y Del Luna. A 2000 year old temple site that pre dates the Inca by 1500 years and was populated by the Moche who are long but forgotten. There was way to much information to try and download into my brain but I have become a bit inspired to move away from reading about modern political history of Latin America to more Ancient studies because it really is amazing stuff

A few picture of Parque Central which I found fantastic

After a slow start Peru is starting to pick up some stream and show itself. After the ease and beauty of Ecuador it was easy to cross the border with high expectations give all that Peru has to offer. Moving south will bring that with places like Pisco, Nazca and Arequipa. 

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