Monday, October 17, 2011

Huachanco and Chan Chan

To the Beach!! I love the Pacific Ocean, regardless of the fact I have a recurring dream of being munched by a Great White Shark. I wonder why it is that beer always tastes better while on a patio, in the sun watching the ocean. It was a good day.


 After said beer we hit the beach with a boogie board and started to think about surfing. The water was damn cold (damn antarctic current) but after a bit no worries. I was the only fool out there wet suit. There was a few feeble attempts at duck diving but it was mostly getting bowled over by the waves and not trying to do a Jeff Buckley. I think the surf shop owers, who were laughing at us knew we had a few drinks and came to the beach to watch. For thier amusement yes but probably more for thier insurance policy. (please note, there seems to be a bit of talk about lots of drinking on this blog, that really is not the case, just fun to write about when we do)

There was a brilliant sunset and the color spectrum changed every 2 or 3 minutes. There a lots of clouds so maybe tonight it will be a repeat. Like a bonfire a stunning sunset brings the same tranquility.

Good dinner of a Burritos and cold Quesquna (the best beer in Peru bar far), then off to a bar we went just drinking and chatting. A guy showed up, played a few songs on his guitar for us then asked if we wanted to smoke a joint. We passed. Stuart went home early and Jenny and I brought our drinks to the breakwall across the street and had a great chat..OH YEAH, I found meat on a stick, it was brilliant!!. So naturally after a bunch of rum Jenny decides she needs Meat on Stick, god bless her. So off she goes into the night. Usually watching my friend walk drunkenly into town alone would not happen, but I have tremendous confidence in her. Sure enough, back she came with the best fries ever. Booze like dope does give you the munchies (Although not a chicken wing to be found).

                                                   ..oh and dumb guys trying to play darts

We caught a local bus this morning (after a long sleep in and big breakfast) to Chan Chan, an archaeological site near Huachanco and is the largest Pre Colombian City in South America. It was a Chimu civilization that was built from the Moche civilization before that. For those keeping score its Moche, Chimu, Inca, Spanish..I dont know and dont feel like looking up Pre Moche.

Off to Lima tomorrow, 7 hours by bus. I have been to Lima and its a bit of a shithole although Miraflores is as touristy and safe as it gets. One day for me then off to Nazca to see the famous Nazca Lines. After that is Arequipa to chill for a while, maybe 10 days or so. I have registered for a week of spanish there because, well my spanish still sucks.

Pura Vida

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