Saturday, October 15, 2011

Piura to Chiclaya

I woke up in Piura with a real nasty view of the town, and for good reason. Its not awful but its just a large dusty working town. Walking down the streets looking for a bank I actually had way to many people just staring at me with that ¨Gringo, what are you doing here¨ look. Not to worry because everything works out..Something that should always be remembered.

Walking back to my hotel I found the street that Jenny and Stuart were staying on and found thier hostel easily enough. A quick talk and off to the bus station we went, bus buddies to Chiclaya. As we rolled out of town we passed through a few large shanty towns where the Sechura Desert started. The desert is more of a scrub land but stretched on as deserts do. The only challange as with so many places in Latin America is Trash. There was so much plastic and garbage clinging to the shrubs and blowing across the desert that it actually made me sad. There is no respect for Pachamama outside the indigenous cultures. People just toss garbage on the streets and out bus windows without any regard.

We pulled into Chiclaya and found a hostel easy enough..then grabbed some beer as quick as we could, then off for a stroll through the town. We stumbled onto the market, which was massive and mostly outdoors. Anything was available including car stereos that were obviously stolen. It was a happy day as I found a new CASIO!!, having lost mine along the way. To the novice the Casio is the only watch to have while you travel. (Casio time now is 11 03 45). The market had its sketchy side but was colorful and loud. We started taking pictures and a lady walked by and told us to be careful with our cameras, they will disappear. I love being warned by locals. Drunk guys offered me beer, other vendors tried to sell us calculators, yup you read that right. Sunglasses, socks, chica, whatever you wanted. Latin American  markets are awesome, even if most things are stolen, even I suspect my beloved Casio.

I dug right into a huge pasta and stir fried chicken dinner at La Romana which is exactly what my body needed after two weeks of fried chicken and fries. A few big beer later and we were back ready to crash. Jenny had an interview with Dom Williams from GVI in the morning and I needed to clean the sand and dust out of my nose, eyes and ears.

Its nice to have travel buddies, although Stuart and I pick on Jenny relentlessly. I wonder if that is why she drinks so much rum when we are together...

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