Sunday, October 9, 2011

Last Day in Quenca

Why the little slow this morning? A big thank you to SCOTLAND!

Now Sundays being what they are, a universal day of lazy I headed straight for...wait for it...INCA Bar. They have the NFL package and the Bills were playing. There is also something called NFL red zone. Whenever a team, no matter what game, reached the red zone they switch to that game. It is a pretty intelligent idea.
So today I found my tribe. North Americans drinking beer, eating Burgers and watching NFL. Jenny god bless her hung around, as did Stuart because I think they drank a little to much rum last night and it was just to hard to get out of the chairs. But as we left Jenny just said, I dont get it! Its no different than watching sport in Scotland but nope, I dont get it.  * The Bills did hang on to be to win over the Eagles 31 -24. Holy crap  4 and 1. Who would have thought.

I also recieved an invitation from Canada to join a hockey pool. Today just can not get any better. I sent of my team. We have a 65 million dollar cap and need 9 forwards, 5 defense and 3 goalies. Come on Phil Kessel now is your time!!

All in all a decent day of sports, the most amazing burger and chilling with Jenny and Stuart (and a bunch of loud football crazed American Xpats). I watched Into The Wild yet again, packed and prepped for my 5 hour bus ride to Loja.

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